Saturday, December 09, 2006


Nope, that is no typo mes amis! Sexpectations are what you get when you add sex and expectations. Allow me to recount the events of the past 36 hours.

hCG shot-check!
sex at 9:30 pm-check!
burst into tears in middle of sex because omg it is so weird to have sex thinking that a doctor is going to go up my vagina to check out the validity of the activity-check!
uncomfortable post coital test at 9:30 the next morning-check!
lots of sperm swimming around in cervical mucous (which I got to see in the microscope, omg that's so cool!)-check!
sent home to have sex in order to get pregnant-check!

Look, I was pleased as punch that we were getting this opportunity to try to have sex in order to conceive. But... I can't seem to get all this stuff about the ridiculousness of the PCT out of my head. Yes, it was neat-o to see all the sperm in the microscope, but I was left with the feeling that these were the sperm that HADN'T swum up my cervix, and how were we to know based on the amount outside my cervix how many sperm actually HAD made their journey upwards. (See Thalia, I am TOTALLY getting it.)

Upon showing me the results my doctor smiled at me and told me* to go home and have sex last night and this morning. I asked him point blank if doing an IUI would increase my chances this cycle even 1%. He said no. I said: really? He said no, all looked good. Seeing as our issue is me ovulating (which it appears we have taken care of with assorted hormonal cocktails), he doens't see why we shouldn't conceive this cycle. He seemed very positive, and shook my hand and sent me on my way to procreate.

You may be wondering why I didn't push the IUI issue further. Here's why: before leaving for work The C and I had a converstion wherein he told me that he would like to have a go at it naturally. Until now he had just gone with the flow, and never made to many demands. I felt that I should at least give him this.

That was until about noon yesterday when I started having a mild panic attack that I didn't push for an IUI hard enough. I called The C and he heard my panic. I told him that if it really mattered to him I would leave this alone. He said that yes it mattered, but my peace of mind also mattered, so I should call the clinic to talk about this one more time. Except that I didn't want to call the clinic. So he told me he would.

By four o'clock we hadn't heard back from the clinic, so I called and left a voicemail. I didn't hear back from the nurse until this morning, so it's all moot now. (The IUI would have been done at 9:00 am this morning.) She assured me that the doctor really felt this was the way to go. Well it was too late now anyways...

And thus we are left with sexpectations. We did the dirty last night, and again this morning. I feel nothing in terms of ovulation, but I'm not too sure what I should be feeling. It is probably that I have only ovulated a handful of times in my entire life, so this is pretty foreign to me.

What's next? The 2ww of course!

In two weeks my clinic will be closed for two weeks. I am left to my own devices to find out if I am pregnant. No beta for me. My nurse assured me that seeing as I will have ovulated I will definately get my period if I am not pregnant. So I won't be left with any doubts. Being the planner-aheader that I am, I asked her this morning when we spoke if the doctor could set me up with some BCPs should my period come, and she suggested waiting the weeks that they are closed to give my ovaries a rest. Which means that the earliest I will be able to cycle again is at the very end of January.

I certainly don't want to go writing this cycle off yet (I think I will give myself 12 days till I test), so I will save the reasons why a February cycle is not so good for me until I have to think about it.

In the meantime, I am trying to stock up on ideas to carry me through the next two weeks. Here is my list:
1. Finally get to the 5 things about me tag
2. Also get to Mel's 2007 tag
3. Plan our family Chanukah party
4. Buy Chanukah gifts for my nieces, Christmas gifts for The C's neices
5. Bake cookies
6. Try out mini cake pan that I bought on Thanksgiving
7. Make soaps from M.artha St.ewart's Holiday craft book
8. Stay way on top of my work (which I am usually only semi-on top of)
9. Unpack 3 boxes of stuff that are in my spare room
10. Re-learn to knit, and make a scarf that goes with my new jacket (in pink)
11. Worry (read:obsess) about how the holidays (and my birthday on the 26th) will affect me if I get the non-desired result on the 22nd.

I'm certain I can take care of #11, and pretty sure I will get to 1 &2. If any of the others in between happen, you will be the first to know!


Mary Ellen and Steve said...

Good luck! I sounds like everything is going well so far. Thinking of you.

My Reality said...

An IUI really doesn't increase your chances of getting pregnant all that much, if at all. Just so you know, when we had our PCT, we had to do the deed 2 hours before and all we ended up with were 3 dead sperm in my cervical mucous. 3. That is it. My husband has a really low sperm count, so it couldn't be determined if I was killing them or if there just weren't enough sperm there. The RE thinks that because we could only find 3 sperm on the slide, it had more to do with the low counts. If you still had live, active sperm 12 hours later, that is a good thing. Even if PCT's are in-conclusive, you still had living sperm in your CM. That would mean that there are live sperm swimming around hopefully waiting to meet some lovely eggs.

sariel & shlomit said...

i don't know what to respond to MAKING ?!?! soap or you on your way to getting PREGGO!!!!

i know you're anxious to make it all happen THIS CYCLE...and please G-d, it will!!! But now you know that thanks to drugs and TWBD you can know you will again!!!! My dear C, i truly, truly, truly hope that this is the cycle for you and the C...but if G-d forbid it isn't (puh, puh, puh), all hope is not lost!!!!!

Things loos so good for you girl!!!!
Now get busy and make some soap!
(your list is tiring me out!)

shenani said...

oooh, I like your new jacket ;) and mini cake pans rock!!! I recommend mini cheesecakes!

Lut C. said...

From what I understand from his book, dr. Silber would agree with your doctor's assessment. IUIs work for women with hostile CM (and perhaps for some other things), the thing is that only a fraction of IF couple have this as their problem.
I'm not sure if a PCT conclusively rules out hostile CM, but I guess it's an indication at least.
Dr. Silber laments that many couples are treated with endless cycles of IUI, while they would be better off moving on to IVF after a few tries with IUI.

Assuming ovulation is your only hurdle, with that overcome you should have the same odds as any normal couple. So I'm hoping perhaps you'll be on your way soon.

flygirl said...

Well, obviously I'm an IUI believer but that seems to put me in the minority. Because my IUI worked first shot after 2 years of ovulation sex, I am convinced that my Cervix/CM were the problems. If only my RE had listened to me in the first place!!!

Best of luck this cycle Ms C. May you be one the lucky ones that gets pregnant via sex!!!

sariel & shlomit said...

i really, really, really, really miss you!!!! when are you coming to the t-dot?! to see the e-dot?! and me!!!
and maybe meet some sistah bloggers!!!!
hanukkah has 8 days, you know...
love you!

Nico said...

I don't understand why they wouldn't give you bcp to take for the two weeks the clinic is closed(*hoping* of course, that the point is moot). Your ovaries are supposed to "rest"? That's what the bcp DO! Besides, "resting" is total crap - as long as I didn't have any cysts, I could cycle back to back if I wanted. Ask the doctor about this one, don't take the nurses word on it!

Good luck in your 2ww! Very exciting to be there, isn't it?

Hopeful Mother said...

Best of luck. Wouldn't it be great if the sexpectations lived up to expectations?!

I agree with the last commenter that you should push for BCP - it truly can not hurt anything and does "rest" your ovaries.

Watson said...

Good news!

I agree about the IUIs, it's frustrating because it seems (to the lay person) like they would be way more effective than *just* having sex, but I guess only if the issue is the CM. But who knows if their CM is actually killing off the poor spermies?!?

I hope that the sexpectations pay off big time and that you have good news after the 2ww!

TeamWinks said...

Oh, the fun of a post coital test! My fingers are crossed, and am excited and hopeful!