Wednesday, December 29, 2010


A quickie.

Where did we leave off. Ya.

At our 7wk ultrasound we saw an awesome heartbeat.

Then I got sick. Like horrible cough, I am going to die, I can't even believe that I haven't coughed up my lung yet, sick.

And guess what?

I'm still sick. 2 rounds of antibiotics (which have freaked me the fuck out because I don't even take medication when I'm not carrying a baby on board) later.

Still coughing. Still blowing. Functioning at about 80%. Which is not terrible considering I felt 20% at some times over the past 7 weeks.

So. Pregnancy has not really been on my mind. The only "symptom" I have is sick.

But. BUT. We went for our NT scan last week, and the little guy looks wonderful. All is well.

Really, thank God.

Happy holidays to all. I'm thinking about you always.