Thursday, October 29, 2009


My friend Shlomit asked me to post the following:

"Somehow, who he F*** knows how, my entire blog is GONE!!!! GONE!!!!
I finally posted yesterday after two months and as of this afternoon it is gone. Grrrr.
Anyway, would you mind posting on your blog that I haven't fallen off the face of the earth; I'm still here. If I can get up the energy I will start a new blog at; "
*the link doesn't seem to work, but that's what she gave me.

That's right from the woman's mouth herself. (You know it has to be, I would never swear with asteriks! ;) )

Around here life has sort of gotten in the way of blogging. Which, post IF, I guess is a good thing. We are doing great, and Sacha is the most delightful little 19 month old. Somehow it doesn't feel right to go on and on here.

But... I also don't feel like I want to close up shot around here yet. I figure I may need this space for IF related issues to come. Like, say, if we um go for a number 2. The issue of which is off the table until the new year, but it isn't completely off my mind. There are so many factors involved with having another child, not the least of which is having to return to the clinic.

So... you are not rid of me yet. Cue ominous music (it IS Halloween and all!)

Please know that even if I don't comment often I AM still reading and thinking about you all.