Thursday, July 07, 2011


There isn't much time to write... but I wanted to let you all know of Luca's arrival!
He was born at home on July 3 at 2.32 am after 3 hours of active labour. It was everything I could have hoped for and more.
And now we are a family of 4. It's impossibly hard to believe.
Thank you all for your support. I could never have made it through this journey without you.
And now, feast your eyes:

Tuesday, June 07, 2011


I'm now 39 weeks and one day. I just realized that I never posted this... Everything is still relevant, so I'll just post this as is, and see if I will update again before posting anything about the birth.

I'm not really sure how it's all happened so fast.

Just wow. I could have a baby anytime from now to 5 weeks from now. I'm fine with that... mostly. I'm not one that is good with change. And this time around I have a better idea of what I'm "headed for".

Or not. I don't know. And I won't til this baby actually comes.

Today my nanny dragged me into the storage room and said: "Ok, we have to deal with this. Which bins have the baby stuff?"


We spent the next two and a half hours going through everything. Clothes for the first 6 months (though the seasons are switched this time round), toys, bottles, blankets, sheets, towels, toys, cloth diapers. Everything.

It was so surreal. I'm actually going to use this baby stuff again.

So. Things are getting washed, and through out the week I will work on really cleaning the baby room (it's SO dusty since it hasn't been used since Sacha moved to his big boy room in February), and making a list of what I still need to get.
Other things that are going on...
*Apparently I am in total nesting mode because I have been cooking and freezing like a mad woman. My goal is to have 4 servings of 6 or so different meals prepared so that I don't have to worry about dinner for at least a month after the baby arrives.
*More nesting: I feel the need to clean and organize everything in the house. Today it was all the filing cabinets in my office. Still to do: Hall closet, freezer, garage (which I am putting on my husband's list to do...). I would love to get to our clothes closets in the bedroom, but I have a feeling that ain't goonna happen.
*Thinking about birth. My perspective is so different this time. We are planning a homebirth with a midwife, and I am so excited. From about 12 hours after my birth with Sacha I have been dreaming about birthing at home. I really hope we can make it happen (ie: start labour naturally, and not have to go in for induction at 42 weeks).
*As excited as I am about the homebirth, my family is completely unsupportive. Wait. Usupportive would be putting it mildly. Nasty, rude and spewing uninformed false information at me is more like it. I don't intend for my blog to turn into a place to debate the merits of birthing at home/in hospital/at a birthing centre. Maybe later though- like after the baby's born. I certainly don't need any more negative energy surrounding my choice than I've already got!
*Changes, changes, changes. In February we moved Sacha to his bigger and better big boy room, with a big boy bed. Then we hired a new nanny (our "old" nanny is pregnant too). And the new nanny encouranged us to start toilet training. And then we figured it was time to tell Sacha that he was going to be a big brother. So- many changes on that front. We did have a number of weeks of upheaval, and I spent many hour crying and worried that we had changed too much at once for my sweet child. But... true to his nature he bounced back, and seems happier than ever. He really is a big boy ready to be a big brother.
That about sums it up. Now... just waiting on the baby. Will keep you posted!