Wednesday, December 06, 2006


OK, this is driving me BONKERS. (And I'm sure my day by day account of my overian production is driving you guys bonkers. But anyways.)

Today's count is as follows: 5 follicles ranging from 15-17mm.

HELLO? I know we talked about the small ones shrinking so that the big ones can get more oompf... But the BIG ONE SHRUNK too.

Another night of 20IU Pur.egon for moi.

I do have to add that my lining is up to 8.5mm. That at least is a steady climb.

One more note: thank you guys so much for your never-ending support and wealth of information that you have been giving me over the past 10 days. I know I'm coo-coo, but I can't even imagine how crazy I would be if I didn't have you guys who understood me.


Heather said...

Ok, I know nothing about these sorts of things.

I think I would be frustrated as hell! I would never have guessed the big ones to shrink too! What is up with that?

Watson said...

You are not, I repeat NOT, crazy!

I feel your pain...when I tried Femara all of my follies grew and grew until the day before the IUI and then disappeared, so I totally get how frustrating this is.

I'm hoping that the big one is still big enough!

What's your doctor recommend??

My Reality said...

If you are crazy we all are!

Hoping that things grow instead of shrink!

Krista said...

Are you getting different ultrasound techs each time or is it always the same one? Because it could be a case of each person measuring differently, they are so very small at this point.

I hope you get good news tomorrow and the minor shrinking does not affect the treatment or the outcome.

Mary Ellen and Steve said...

How frustrating! Best of luck with your next scan.

Karen said...

I wouldn't worry about the shrinkage from 18 to 17. That could easily have been a measurement error on the part of the sonographer on either day. It happens.

For what it's worth, I've never had follicles that big, even on the cycle I got pregnant. I've always triggered when I've got one about 16mm. (and I've never had more than two, because they keep me on agonizingly low doses of gonadotropins because when they raise it even a little bit, I end up with forty. Okay, not forty, but you know what I mean...)

Gil said...

It happens sometimes that the angle of the cam or the placement of your hips or whatever can change the measurements ever so slightly. I wouldn't worry about it. My doctor saw nine follies one day, and two days later, only saw seven. He was convinced the other two were hiding. Sure enough, two days later, all nine were visible again. So don't fret it too much! Your next scan will probably give you a better idea of how things are doing. *hugs* Hang in there! We're all pullin' for you!

Erin said...

Argh, that is frustrating! Everyone's right about "u/s operator error". How big do they want them to get before triggering?

sariel & shlomit said...

no you are not coo coo...or even koo koo!!!
we have ALL been there or are GOING there!!!
love you, girl!!!!