Tuesday, December 12, 2006


I can't say that this is what I imagined the 2ww would be like.

It's amazing that after 16 months of trying to conceive this is really the first wait that I have gone through. I actually ovulated this cycle. I felt it. My hCG shot at 9pm on Friday was to induce ovulation at 9am on Saturday. At about 9.05 The C calls home to ask if "anyting is going on" down there. It was a resounding no. But by 10 onwards I definately felt some action in the nether regions, specifically on the left side where I know the 2 larger follicles are. All I can say is wow. Is this what "normal" women feel every cycle when they ovulate? How amazing!

The days are slinking by at a snail's pace as I try to keep myself busy. Let's take a look at how I am doing on my list of stuff to occupy me.
1. To Come (Keep your pants on, for crying out loud! I'm trying to make it interesting!)
2. Ummm... Ditto. (I wanted to get to this post first.)
3. Party planned. I am making the latkes. I will probably also make apple sauce becasue nothing says "trying to keep busy" more than peeling potatoes and apples.
4. Chanukah presents for my nieces bought; Christmas presents for The C's nieces 2/3 bought.
5. No cookies yet, but I am gathering the recipes.
6. Nope, not yet.
7. Soap? Was I crazy enough to actually think that I would make soap? (If I do, Shlomit honey, you will get the first bar.)
8. Work is so on top of that I am creating projects before I even have the clients for them. Ok, but still have to call accountant to get 2 issues in my bookkeeping cleared up so I can close the year.
9. Not yet. Must leasve something for next week, non?
10. Have to make a date with my grandmother to get wool and get started.
11. Alot less than I would have thought. Allow me to explain...

It is totally in my nature to overanalyse. And also in my nature to try to ignore that I am overanalysing. Hence, I drive myself nuts. The ovulation "pains" on Saturday? It took me a while to actually admit to myself that they were from ovulation because I didn't want to think too much of it. Finally I conceded, because really, what else could they have been? It certainly wasn't my intestines working overtime and giving me pains in my belly. I don't know much about 2ww symptoms, and I am trying not read up anything on them because I know everyone is different. Also, I don't want to overanalyse. And I don't want to drive myself crazy by telling myself that I am rediculously overanalysing. (You see the pattern here?) However, I would be lying if I said that I felt nothing going on in the ovary region. Since Sunday sometime I have felt little twinges of something. I'm not certain how to describe it, but I don't think that a) I am imagining it; and b) that it's because I have to poo with a vengence (therefore causing my abdomen to work overtime, if you know what I mean).

To say I am hopeful is an understatement. The C has convinced me that I will have a much more peaceful 2ww if I think optimistically. He's right, of course. How I think is not going ot change the outcome of this cycle. The work that needed to be done is already done (or not done). It certainly is alot more fun to hope and imagine (as we do together for just a minute or two when The C comes home from work), then to have my head "fill with worms" (as The C refers to my thinking, rethinking, overthinking, and crazythinking). (Ok, I know that's a weird image, but English isn't his first language people!)

So cautious optimism folks. (She says naively at 3dpo. I am certain that I will be lauging at this post in about 6 days.) Off to prepare dinner for tonight. Yes, it's only 8 am, but I must keep busy.


aah0424 said...

I'm wishing you all the best!!

theoneliner said...

staying busy in the 2ww is difficult to say the least. and if you o'ed and had sex...well its hard NOT to be optimistic, eh?

well i'm certainly rooting for you.

Karen said...

I, too, am wishing you the best. It's good to be optimistic. :)

I always found the 2ww rather anticlimactic. I expected some serious drama, or SOMETHING, but it was never like that. I was just bored. My second IUI went on so long that I had 12 ultrasounds. Then all of a sudden... two weeks of NOTHING. How boring. I didn't know what to do with myself.

(My fourth IUI was much more exciting than that... I triggered on Day 16, and had IUI on CD 18, so it was a much shorter cycle, and then before the 2ww was over, I started bleeding, so I went in for Day Three Baseline ultrasound/BW and found out I was pregnant... completely weird way to end the 2ww. Granted, three months later I miscarried, but still... the 2ww was all kinds of exciting. :) )

Mary Ellen and Steve said...

Optimism is a wonderful thing. I am glad that you are keeping busy, and I hope that the rest of your 2ww flies by.

Anonymous said...

The best part of this 2ww is that the holidays will help keep you busier than normal. Here's hoping you keep the "worms out of your head!"

lucKy #2

Carol said...

I have felt those ovulating pains. Most women don't feel it, but I always do. And then with IVF it's like that times 20. The soreness in the ovaries lingers a bit after you've ovulated, because sometimes those little follicle fill up with fluid, and they're still making estrogen and progesterone.

try not to go to crazy in the 2WW. It can be very long.

sariel & shlomit said...

oh my dear, dear ms. c....welcome to the joys and wonders of the 2ww...sigh...i don't know what to say (i know...it's rare?!)...the 2ww is made for people who tend to obsess and overanalyze and obsess and overanalyze...it's like a special torture only that you also can feel this incredible hope and optimism...as much as you can you might as well feel optimistic cos as the wise mr c says..it doesn't change the outcome...i was going to say something about you developing your own coping strategy but i'm going to take that back as i am hopeful that this will be your one and only 2ww!
i myself am 9 dpo and this is my 13th 2ww and this month i am feeling EVERY ips under the sun! talk about obsessing!
good luck girlio....(i like patchouli....in my soap...not my applesauce so much...)

Krista said...

Yup the 2 ww can be it's own kind of torture. I hope the holidays keep you busy and time doesn't crawl. I am keeping my fingers crossed for you.

VanillaDreams said...

Most "normal" women don't feel ovulation pain AT ALL. Very small minority sometimes do (and then not even every month).

Of course, most "normal" women aren't as "in tune" with their bodies as IF women are forced to be. ;)

Well, wishing you the best for the cycle! Woudn't it be amazing if you defied all the odds and got knocked up your first time!?! You could be one of those ART urban legends!! "I know this girl......" ;)

All the best,

Erin said...

Maybe I just have sensitive ovaries, but dear G-d it hurts to ovulate!

I hope that all you needed was a good ovulation!

decemberbaby said...

Isn't it cool to feel ovulation! I get that pain every single time! That's right, I've had it, um, three whole times since October 2005... and boy is it cool!

Now is as good a time to get pregnant as any... good luck.

lunarmagic said...

Lots of good thoughts going your way.

I've ovulated for a year on my own, but I must say this month after clomid and a trigger shot I FELT it much like you describe. It was very weird!

My Reality said...

I think I might have just outsmarted blogger! It doesn't take much to excite me!!!

The 2ww is hell, no matter how busy you are. If you are still looking for cookie recipes, I have dozens of them.

I would like my soap to be lavender scented! ;)

ellie said...

Yeah- the 2ww sucks. As for the soreness-- could be related or not... but I find the good old sports bra to be my favorite piece of clothing for those times.
I am hoping the best for you!