Friday, December 01, 2006


I feel the need to write everything down. Today was interesting in the ultrasound chair. Whereas two days ago there were 5 follicles, today there were just 4. They measured from 8cm-14cm. I am a bit confused... how can one disappear? How can they not grow?

I am to continue on 20IU of Pur.egon, and go back on Sunday.

Will slow and steady win the race? What should I be expecting here? Please advise. Please. There will a rewards handed out for those who have knowledge for me.


sariel & shlomit said...

yes, yes, yes, yes...they can and do disappear! it does happen...they're the little piddly ones...girl, you don't WANT them all to grow, namean?!
all is well...but what the f is up with TWBD?! is this laryngitis thing permanent? is this an episode of 'just for laughs' and soon they'll reveal the hidden camera? a social experiment? what?! thank G-d he's TWBD though! it's all worth it! anyway, less follicles that are more healthy and juicy are better than more follicles that are half hearted...also, you're not going for a minyan on your first go!!!!
shabbat shalom, mon amie!

Lut C. said...

Your body is doing what it's supposed to. Isn't that great?!

Your body is programmed to let only 1 or maximum 2 follicles mature. Many are called each cycle, only few are chosen. The follicles compete with each other, until one becomes dominant. The rest dwindles and disappears.

This competition mechanism is knocked out in IVF cycles, with Lupron or Suprefact.

One of your follicles grew nicely, didn't it?

mandolyn said...

Thanks for updating us! I've been thinking about you and your follicles!

Heather said...

No knowledge - just lots of good thoughts for you!

Carol said...

sorry I don't have much experience with this kind of cycle - I've only done IVF, which is much higher doses and more follicles. but it sounds like you are in good hands. just wanted to say good luck.

Watson said...

My current doc says that for an IUI, he's quite happy with one or two mature follies, so you're probably right on track.

And just for comparison's sake, when I did a month of Femara a couple of years ago, I had several growing follicles until day 13-14 and then they all shrunk.

I'm not saying that to scare you (or bum you out!) but I never had any of those issues with clomid, just the Femara. And I wasn't taking the Puregon either.

So I think you're responding well!

Keep us posted, okay??

My Reality said...

I think you are doing great! My clinic doesn't want you to even peek at the ultrasound screen, so they make you keep your head down. What Lut said is right. I hope that Sunday brings good news. And I second the thing about TWBD - what is up with his voice?

Thalia said...

This is completely normal. You are on the teensiest, tinyest dose of puregon,so getting 4 follicles is extraordinary! You don't want more than that - the chance of multiples for someone in your situation is very high.

By the way, that postcoital test will tell you NOTHING about whether you have a hostile environment or not. The phrase my doctor used was:
"Imagine a picture of a platform after a train has just left a station. The post coital test is like looking at that picture and determining how many people got on the train."

Case closed.

flygirl said...

With my very limited knowledge? It's all good. :)

Gil said...

Yup.... what the ladies are saying is right on. It's normal for a smaller follie or two to "disappear" or reabsorb back into the body. And yes, it often occurs that by doing this, your body is concentrating on making the bigger, more viable follicles, better. So fewer number, but better viability. Less is more in this case.Hang in there sweetie. We're all pullin' for you!

Nico said...

With the biggest one at 14mm, it sounds like you're right on track. That one at least (and probably the other bigger ones, less clear with the 8mm follicle) will likely grow at the 1-2mm/day rate, so you should be triggering in just a few days. Very exciting! Grow, eggies, grow!

theoneliner said...

i, as of yet, know not so much about IVF. But i do wish you all the best this cycle.

fingers crossed.

Erin said...

Sounds totally normal to me. The best I've ever had was 2 follicles at ovulation, and that was with both Femara and Clomid (but no injectibles). But on d3 of that cycle, I had 4 or 5 of them. The wimpy ones can't handle it, so they give up.

I hope it works well!

Heather said...

Of course you can tell your period off - go for it!

Mary Ellen and Steve said...

It sounds like your follies are growing well. I hope that yesterday's scan went well. Hugs.

Pipi said...

Please I am new to this whole fertility problem. I am 27 and dh is 40. dh was diagnosed with low morphology.Our RE finally asked us to settle in for IUI.I was put on letrozole 2.5mg from cd3 - 5. After then I started taking injectibles(puregon 75ml from cd 5). On cd 10 my follicles measured up to 12mm.I was told that was too small by my RE.On cd 13 they measured up to 16mm.I went back on cd 15 and the dominating follicle was no more.I had only one dominating one measring 14ml and other smaller ones,ranging from 10 to 13mm.I was given an higher dose of 100ml after my scan.On cd 17 to my suprise,the one measuring 14mm was no more! They could only find other smaller ones measuring 13mm.My RE has asked me to come back on monday,and if there are no improvements,the cycle will be cancelled.