Tuesday, December 05, 2006


Indeed, I believe this is a case of slow and steady wins the race. Today is cd14, and if I were a normal follicle grower and ovulator I believe I would have insemination by now. But I am not, so let's examine the situation at hand.

I didn't update my follicle count after my Sunday u/s because I was pretty bummed. There were 5 present, ranging from 11mm-14mm. I was sent on my way with instructions to continue just what I had been doing- 20IU, u/s in 2 days.

This morning I had my scan, and low and behold, there were 5 follicles ranging from 14mm-18mm. Halleluja, sisters! Finally one at 18! I can't even tell you how relieved I am. TWBD wants to see me again tomorrow, after I do one more injection at 20IU tonight. We may actaully be getting somewhere.

I can't even imagine how the follicles would grow if I was on higher doses of Pur.egon. I believe I would be on a fast train to OHSS city. I guess my doctor know what he's doing. Next step: let's see if I ovulate.

Oh, and if you have a chance, pop on over to Shlomit at You're Still Young. She had her IUI#3 on Sunday, so let's send her lots of support. I'm rooting for your follies, girl!


Krista said...

Hey there, sorry I have been absent recently. So glad to hear things are going well with this cycle. I am holding out hope for you and am glad you are finally in the treatment stage after such a long wait!

Lut C. said...

I'm glad you're feeling more positive about where this is going. :-)

Mary Ellen and Steve said...

Great news! I am glad that you are feeling better about this cycle. I will be checking back for updates.

flygirl said...

They're going to give you Ovidrel or something though right? To ensure timely ovulation? Keep us posted.

Watson said...


That is good news.

Keep us posted, and good luck!!

My Reality said...

Yay! Way to go on the follies!

ellie said...

Cool news. I am glad that the follies are growing! Thinking the best for you. :)

sariel & shlomit said...

hey girl, thanks for the shout out!
AND...GREAT news on those follies!!! Puregon...how do we love thee? Let us count thy ways!!!
And you do know that if you seem to have a problem ovulating, TWBD will be able to help with that too! Hello HCG shot!
Seriously, I am so excited for you that things are finally progressing along some sort of 'normal' path...yaaay you!

Nico said...

Sounds like everything is just great! It is nice to know that your doctor knows what he's doing. I've seen so many people whose doctors *don't* take it slow the first time around, and they end up with OHSS. Yucky!

lucky #2 said...

Ok...so I just found you and am a little late, but a slow and steady response is good. In fact, of all my cycles, the one where I was SLOW was the only one that worked! Also, with a first cycle they tend to start out with low doses to monitor how your body responds so you don't end up with OHSS.

As a fellow non-ovulating girl I wonder: are they giving you an HCG shot to induce ovulation?

Best of luck!