Thursday, December 21, 2006


I didn't sleep all night. I chalk it up to a combination of too much garlic in dinner last night and my stress level.

When the alarm went off and The C asked me how I slept, I replied "not at all". "You should test, then... just so you know," said he. "Ya, that's what I was thinking, I can't take this any more."

So I went to the bathroom and grabbed a test knwoing 2 things: 1) I had peed 4 hours earlier in middle of the night; and 2) it's only 12DPO.

I tinkle where it matters, and before I can blink, the darkest negative of all negatives shows up. Here's the clincher (she says, hoping you haven't already clicked over to the comments to express your condolances,) the control line never showed up. Now, I know in my heart of hearts that negative really indicates a negative. But I want to delude myself by thinking that the test was broken to preserve my hope for but 24-48 hours more.

No worries. My broken Wal.mart test came with a buddy. That I will use tomorrow. That hopefully won't be broken. And will show the result that I want.

Ok, now you can go comment. Words of wisdom appreciated.


Heather said...

I say it is broken. Since it is broken it's box-buddy might be too. I say go to the dollar store and pick up some more tests...

Karen said...

If the control line isn't showing up, then the test WAS broken. (You should call the company with a lot number from the box, so you can get reimbursed).

At 12dpo in my last medicated cycle... I showed negative on all pregnancy tests except First Response Early Result. (And believe me, I peed on a lot of sticks, after I got a very low beta that day)

I wouldn't say it's over yet, because it's still early. And you clearly had a broken test.

Flygirl said...

No control line = disregarded results

Go get an "early response" test. They're worth the money. :)

Thinking about you and hoping for the best.

Karaoke Diva said...

I second, third and fourth what everybody said. You should check out the HPT chart on Look for a very sensitive test.

I'm on 11DPO and I'm going to pick up some tests tonight so I can start testing tomorrow. I just can't wait!

I'm keeping my finegrs crossed for both of us!!

Nico said...

Definitely broken. I used the Answer early tests, same sensitivity as the First Response (which I've actually heard a number of bad things about), and cheaper too.

Crossing *everything* for a good answer on a non-broken test tomorrow!

My Reality said...

Oh yes, you count count the negative since the test didn't work. I hope that you see those desired double lines tomorrow. I also say go get another test, because the box buddy may also be a dud.

Carol said...

broken. broken. broken.

try again tomorrow if you feel like it. the tests are a double edged sword - you're kind of screwed either way, whether you test or not.

hang in there.

sariel & shlomit said...

yes. broken.
yes. still hope.
yes, turf the cheap test and splurge!
yes, this shit is fucking tough!
yes, thinking of you with love and LOADS of hope for a beautiful bfp!

TeamWinks said...

No wisdom, just hoping instead of an alarm, I'm waken by your joyful screaming!

Thalia said...

If no control line, test=broken, result=unhelpful. Try again. Thinking of you.