Tuesday, July 04, 2006


I didn't realize the quantiy of f-bombs laid in my last post. I certainly didn't mean to offend anyone. I was just so angry. I have always sworn alot, I think I inherited that from my mother. In any event, I will certainly watch my potty mouth!

In other news, non fertility related, The C and I had a lovely trip to wonderful Pittsburgh this weekend. We went for our friends' wedding reception, and it was a blast. We partied with some friends we hadn't seen in a while. OH. BOY. Did we party. I drank like a non-pregnant person, becasue, well I am not. I hadn't had a drop of booze for 48 days, so it went right to my head, and alll the other right places. It was FUN. We danced, we sang, we acted like we were 18 again. And nobody even talked about babies (making them, having them or wanting them.) A breath of fresh air. The drive home took us 10 hours, and aside from the extreme uncomfortableness of the car, I rather enjoyed spending all that uninterrupted time with The C.

I just came home from picking up my homeopathic provera. I'm excited to see if it does it's magic. Bring on the period, honey! I will certainly keep you posted on how it works with me. I do have to say that tough I see my homeopath regularly, I'm not sure how to explain how homeopathy works, and all the intricacies of the field. I do know that my remedies (and I take various types for different things,) certainly help me to feel good, balanced, and over all well. All these things are good for creating a positive environment for a baby to grow inside me. If you guys are interested, I strongly suggest you contact a homeopath in your area to find out more. My homeopath seems quite confident that she can help with my infertility.

In another bit of randomness, I thought I would recount my conversation with the receptionist at my doctor's office.
Me: Hi, this is Ms. C calling. I had a pregnancy test and I would like the result.
Her: Hold on
Me: (listening to cool 80's music on hold. about 2.5 songs play, along with some ads.)
Her: Who's this?
Me: Ms. C
Her: What's your hospital card #?
Me: One sec, have to go get it, sorry!
(I come back with card, and tell her number)
Her: Hold on
Me: (Holding and thinking that perhaps I have reached my fill of soft rock for the day)
Her: Well I don't see a pregnancy test here, I see some other stuff...
Me: Yes, I had a Beta HCG
Her: Yes, BHCG, I see that
Me: (I know I'm not pregnant, but still, you know that little glimmer of something that may be recognized as the faintest bit of I don't know? hope?)...
Her: Right, well, it's less than 1, you're not pregnant, goodbye.
Me: (to dial tone) .....

I have to ask you, people... Do I do something that makes people treat me in these weird ways?

Happy Canada Day (3 days ago), and Happy 4th to you all!


Sunnie said...

My mouth is still hanging open. I would call back to speak with a manager or something...YUCK!

It is so not you.

Sorry it was negative.

Mary Ellen and Steve said...

Oh my goodness! I would call and report the woman. That is rediculous. I am sorry about the BFN, but I am glad that you two had a great weekend. It was probably nice to get away. Hugs to you.

ChicagoGirl said...

Wow -- what the heck was that person thinking saying that!!! I'm glad you had so much fun at the wedding, though. It's nice just relax and have a great time every once in a while.

Ella said...

Hi - Thanks for lurking on my blog. I just added you so I can follow your story and just caught up on oyur posts. What an ordeal. Sometimes don't you feel like we all collectively know so much more than our quack doctors? It frustrates me to no end. I should've gone to med school - if only I wasn't so afraid of needles. Anyway, I hope your journey in IF world is a very short one. I'll be thinking of you.

Erin said...

Geez, I think that hospital needs to do some sensitivity or at least non-assholeness training. You're finding all the idiots there! Sorry about the negative test, though--I know just what it's like to keep hoping even when you know it's not going to be positive.

Glad you had a nice weekend.

Angie said...

WOW, that's just plain rude! I have had a few calls like that. I don't get what their problem is, seriously, rude!

Nico said...

The wedding sounds like a *blast*. I'm so glad you got to enjoy yourself without any baby talk whatsoever. Lovely.

As for the receptionist? Absolutlely mind boggling. Completely. I'm at a loss for words.

GZ said...

No. She. Didn't.

So infuriating.

VanillaDreams said...


Is that woman FOR REAL?!?!?!!?

Sorry for the caps and all, but seriously!??!!?

I am stunned. I mean, IKNOW that most receptionists at doctor's offices, are horrifically awful, but really??

That's insane.

And I think she needs to be reported.

Well, as I catch my breath from that blow -- let me just say, I am sorry that you got confirmation of your negative. That just F*cking sucks!!!!

And, Happy Canada Day to you as well -- from one Canadian to another! ;)

I'm glad to hear at least that you had an enjoyable weekend, and that you are starting on homeopathic progesterone. Speaking of which, what exactly is IN homeopathic progesterone -- just out of curiousity?