Wednesday, July 19, 2006


So I've been running around like a chicken with my head sut off the past couple of days. (I'm self-employed, so if I don't do the work, it just doesn't get done.)
I'm off to Toronto to visit my friend and her 2 year old daughter and her husband who is the owner of the quote upon which my blog is named. (See above!) I love my friend dearly, and her baby too. We are making a party for her second birthday, and I know there will be at least 4 other kids there (aged 1 month to 2 years.) I am looking forward to having some time off, and some fun, and am so hoping that the party won't be as difficult as I think it might be.
I'm sure I will have plenty to say on my return.
Till then, thanks so much for the opk advice and hints. I actually still have not gone out and purchased any product. Today is day 4 of the Provera prettiness. I still have a few days till I start to bleed.


Hopeful Mother said...

Ms. C - I have an unopened Target OPK and one opened with about 3 unused sticks in it.

I would love to give these to someone who can actually use them - I bought these when I thought they actually mattered for us (once we learned about the severe male factor, I stopped using them). They worked well for me, but my cycles are fairly regular (28-31 days).

If you want to provide me an email address, we can connect and figure out details on how to get them to you... if you're interested.

GZ said...

That party sounds like a tough one. Go easy on yourself!

ellie said...

Good luck with your time off. As for the little kids- I try to view them as good luck- that maybe hanging out with them will rub off on me. Anyhow make sure you take care of yourself.

Meg said...

I bet it will be lovely, Ms. C. Well, I hope so anyway.


Jennie said...

Good luck with the party, it sounds like the type where you will come back with a story. I know it's for a 2 year old, but maybe you should consider serving drinks at this party, i'm thinking a few daquiris?

Mary Ellen and Steve said...

I hope that the party is easier than you anticipate. Take care.

VanillaDreams said...

good luck at the party! Hope you have fun and that it is not too difficult for you to endure. I am sure you will come back with a few tales to tell!! ;)

All the best!