Wednesday, July 26, 2006


Yes, my period. Very exciting, I know. Today is officially cd2. Finally. I feel like a weight has been lifted from me. 61 days was a very long time.
I know one thing for sure: the homeopathic stuff didn't do it's trick. I needed the "real" shit. I find this really unfortunate. I have been able to treat so many ailments homeopathically, that I am a bit in disbelief that this didn't work. I know there is lots of skepticism about homeopathy, how it works, and how it can possibly work. I also know that for me I have always had positive results. I won't belabour this point, nor will I let it continue to bother me. I'm just surprised, and now the subject is closed. (I certainly won't have to worry about this for another good 50 days!!)
Right... so cd2.
Holy flow, batman. I feel that my old period (pre-pill) ways are back with a vengeance. It's pretty heavy and very uncomfortable. But I know that it will be over in a matter of days and then we can get on with business. And what does business consist of this cycle? I'm so glad you asked, because I would love to share it with you!
When I last visited with my gyn, she gave me a requisition for The C to have a semen analysis. My husband balked at having to abstain for 3 days (ok, a post for another day, people), so he decided that best time to go would be while I was otherwise "occupied". Consider me busy, baby, and let's go wank it. When he called the lab to inquire, he asked what the premises were like. They told him he would go to the bathroom and provide a sample. He feels he would like me to join him, and I am concerned this is a "public" facility. Keep in mind that we are not doing this at a clinic, as we have not yet had out RE appointment (that's in October, for all of you following along at home), it's just in a lab. Ladies, would you mind sharing your experiences with this? I would be so greatful (and so would my husband, I think!)
Also on tap for this cycle: temping! I took my temperature for the first time this morning. I am not investing too much in this thas a means of ovulation predicting. It's more that I want to see what my body is telling me. I am very curious. I also don't know if I will ovulate at all, and want to have a means of measuring. I still haven't decided on the opks, they seem awfully expensive. In any case I don't have to decide for a few days yet!
Lastly, I am to start my clomid 100mg on day 5 (til day 9). Last time with my 50mg I noted some mild bitchiness (I am bitchy on most days anyways, so I'm not entirely sure that it was clomid induced...) I am a bit nervous about the doubled dose and the side effects that may ensue. I am also scared that The C won't "understand". And one more thing: I am worried that if I have very few side effects that it will indicate that I am not ovulating.
So there you have it. Must remember to run out tomorrow and grap some more super plus tampons!
And continue to obsess about all things IF related.


~r said...

Congrats on CD2!

And I ..ah... have assisted in the specimen-related lab wankage before. More than once. The first time was curiosity about the facilities, the last time was because he had some.. umm.. performance issues when I wasn't there for specimen #2. I took pity on his poor friction-burnt part and attended collection #3. It was incredibly embarassing for me, especially when the technician gave ME instructions on how I could and could not assist... but then I realized, if they have specifics on what a partner can do to help (and they did, both times, two separate places), then it's nothing new to the people who work there. And it wasn't, they were very matter-of-fact, just another day at work for them. So go, if you can. You don't know them, they don't know you and they won't be at all surprised that you're there.

Heather said...

I got him some Pre-Seed (but they wouldn't let him use it). They basically put him in the bathroom with a cup and a 1974 Hustler (kidding - but it was bad according to him).

Next time he is taking a portable DVD player with headphones he said. And yes, he will be friction-burned as ~r said!

Clomid is rough - prepare your man before hand. You know it is bad when they wish you only had PMS!

Good Luck!

Erin said...

Glad that CD2 is finally here. I've never helped J in his, ah, efforts for our fertility quest, but I know the clinic has a better set up than just a bathroom. Not great, but better. Although I did get a tad concerned the first time he came out and told me about the article he'd been reading...

Clomid is an evil, evil drug. And I have to warn you that I stopped temping after my first cycle on Clomid because it completely messed up my temperatures so that I couldn't tell what was going on anymore. I hope the side effects aren't too terrible!

Krista said...

I've never gone with my husband but I wouldn't hesitate to do so if he wanted me to. I figure I ask him to come to the bad parts with me so if he wants me there for him I will. I wouldn't worry about the fact that it's not a RE clinic or that it's a public washroom, most people there will be otherwise occupied and not paying a lot of attention to you.

shlomit said...

Congrats on getting your PERIOD!!!! I know lots of women from another online ttc community that accompanied their partners to give their friend just told me a funny story about her husband having to give one unexpectedly while he was attending an appt with his MOTHER (he had some varicose vein thing in one of his testes when he was in university)...he was sent to a room just outside the waiting room where his MOTHER was sitting and told to do his business!!! Did I mention that he comes from a religious (jewish) family?! Good news is: he did it!!!

I say go with him and make it as fun as possible!!!! Good luck! Bon Chance!!

Lut C. said...

On homeopathy: to each his own, no probs. :-)

On Clomid: I never had any side effects to speak of, but follicles did grow. It was always the lowest dose though.

Jennie said...

Do you live far from the clinic? I live within about 15 minutes from mine, so they let my hubby "collect" at home. I just went in and picked up the kit, which was basically a cup with a label. Then my hubby got to pick up his choice of a dvd from the video store. I was able to help him "collect" (and in the privacy of our home), then I brought the sample in the office myself, so hubby had it VERY EASY. He really didn't have to do anything, in fact, I'm pretty sure he rather enjoyed it. Too bad tests on us don't go like that!

The only thing was you have to keep the sample under your clothing and against the skin to keep it body temp while you're bringing it in and you have to bring it in within like an hour of collecting it. I had it tucked in my bra and just prayed I wasn't going to get pulled over with a cup of sperm in my shirt!

Also, I'm big on temping, if you haven't gotten a good thermometer yet, this is the kind I have and love:

The other ones I had before that showed my temp. much more erratic. I could take it three times within a minute and get three totally different temps! I called the company and they said this one was much better for that. And... it lights up, so you can see it early morning without turning on the light when you're still half asleep.

I found that temping really helped me figure out the long cycles and saved me $ on hpts. Oh, and I use Fertiltiy Friend to keep track of mine, much easier than paper.

And one more thing, I think you would like the book "Taking Charge of Your Fertility" is about Temping and cycles and all kinds of stuff. Very Good book!

Sorry so long, lots to say, I tried to keep it short!

Thalia said...

I didn't get big effects from clomid so maybe the incraese in dose won't affect you that badly. Here's hoping, anyway.

Ellen K. said...

My husband's first SA was ordered by my obgyn and he had to collect the sample at one of those outsource diagnostics labs. They were wholly unprepared for a semen analysis, despite his making an appt., and he ended up in the handicapped bathroom with fecal matter on the toilet seat, since it was the only room available, and afterward the receptionist broke about 10 HIPAA rules by asking him all sorts of questions, loudly, about his name, referring doctor, abstinence time, etc. I'd recommend calling ahead to the lab and asking if any private rooms are available for collection. The general rules of thumb (or fist, har har) for SA collection are: No lube, no saliva, no ejaculation for at least 2 days but no more than 5 days before the SA.

Mary Ellen and Steve said...

I have never gone in the room when my husband was doing his part. I think I would be too embarrassed. Of course, the facilities at our clinic are equipped with a flat screen plasma TV, a DVD collection, and a sofa. So, I am not entirely convinced that he needs or wants my assistance.

However, a nurse at my clinic said that other people do it all the time. So, I say go for it if you feel comfortable.

Congrats on CD 2!

My Reality said...

Congrats on your period showing!

All of my husband's samples have been collected at home. We even got to do it at home for our IUI's and I think it has made the whole process a lot easier for him. Maybe you can help him at home and then bring it to the clinic. For IVF, he gets to use the little room with "inspirational material" and I don't know if I will go with him or not for that one. . .

Good luck with the semen analysis.

I hope the clomid doesn't give you many side effects. It made me completely psycho. I think my husband would have been happy with bitchiness!

VanillaDreams said...

For REALLY cheap OPK's, I highly recommend you check out the website:

They ship out of BC, so it is quite cheap for Canadians.

Tests are usually about $1.00 each, you can't beat that!

I have never gone into the room with my husband when had to produce a sample...So I don't know. At the lab where we go, I think the rooms are small, like little washrooms, with sink, toilet, chair, counter, etc., and various magazines, and that's pretty much it! Hubby hasn't seemed to need any help so far, but he hasn't needed to give a sample in a while now, because we've been doing FET's lately....

Anyway, congrats on AF showing up for you, and I'm glad you can get started again soon!

All the best,
'Nilla @ Vanilladreams

flygirl said...

The longer I was on Clomid the more I found it affected my moods. But as far as the semen test. Frenchie went to Gamma Dynacare for his first 2 and it just depends on the lab. Some of them are godawful making you do it in a public washroom just off the waiting room. Others are much more comfortable.

I didn't go (or offer to go) to any of his. (Honestly I figure my presence might have added more pressure anyhow.) I figure if he DARED complain about it he would be "gently" reminded to suck it up and that at least he gets to orgasm during his tests and didn't have to even go near stirrups or clamps or any such things.

Just another Jenny said...

Going to the lab sucks because they don't have a proper room to do the same. My hubbie just uses the washroom.
I am glad AF finally showed up. All the best with this next cycle.