Tuesday, June 27, 2006


I called my Gyn's office this morning to get things back on the road. A replay of the conversation between me and the receptionist.

Her: Dr's office
Me: Hi there, this is Ms. C speaki-
Her: (cutting me off) Hold on
Me: (listens to "Total Eclipse of the Heart" followed by some ads while on hold for an interminable period of time.)
Her: Yes, who is this?
Me: This is Ms. C
Her: Yes?
Me: Well, I was prescibed Provera and Serophene by Dr. Happy-go-lucky and now I have taken a pregnancy test and, well, I'm not pregnant.
Her: Did you get your period?
Me: No, that's why I'm calling, I would like a new prescription.
Her: Well, when did you take the Provera?
Me: (almost in tears-why am I having to go through this with the RECEPTIONIST) 45 days ago. Then I tool the Serophene and now its is many days later, I took a HPT and it appears that I am NOT PREGNANT. So I would like to keep moving along.
Her: Hold on.
Me: (Holding....)
Her: What's the number of your pharmacy?
Me: (gives number first and then I say) But I would really like to talk to Dr. HGL before I start my next cycle. I have a couple of questions...
Her: (a bit annoyed) I'll see what I can do.
Me: Thanks so much (bitch.)

It's a number of hours later and I still haven't heard back. I haven't heard form the pharmacy either. I WOULD like to go in for a blood test to be CERTAIN that I am not pregnant. (Not like I'm not certain, but I need the concrete proof.) I have a good friend's wedding reception this weekend, and I can't think of a better way to celebrate that and my non-conception that to get pissed drunk.


Mary Ellen and Steve said...

Ugh! I have had several similar conversations with the nurses at my clinic. It is so frustrating. I hope that they can get you in for beta soon so that you can get the answers you need.

ChicagoGirl said...

That sounds terrible. I'm sorry you had to deal with that but it sounds like you held your ground really well. Hopefully you'll hear back from your Dr. soon.

Sunnie said...

Drunk sounds good. Receptionists at Dr's offices in general..not so good. I hope you can get the peace you need by speaking to the doc asap.

I am still waiting on a phone call from my doc...

GZ said...

I will never understand why Dr's offices have such a hard time with phone manners. I wouldn't be surprised one bit to hear my nurse pick up and phone and ask "What the hell do you want?"...

Sorry, huh. I hope the doc calls soon.

Jennie said...

That stinks!
I think waiting for the Dr.'s office to call is the worst! I hope you have heard from them by now or that you will hear something early today! If you don't hear from the Dr. is there a nurse there that you can speak to so you can at least get in to get the blood test. Then tell the nurse again that you would still like to speak to the Dr.

Sorry it's so frustrating!

Nico said...

yes, why DO you have to explain yourselft to the receptionist? Is she medically trained? In my mind, she should take care of her own business, and forward your call to a nurse or doctor as appropriate. Bitch.

Meg said...

*UGH* Such endless frustration, isn't it, this calling and bugging and calling and waiting? Hope you manage to find your way our of the go-nowhere hell very soon, Ms C. :)