Wednesday, June 30, 2010


Or maybe it's 9. I can't be sure.

I'm obsessing and somewhat too busy to think about it all at the same time. The wait has been a strange one this go-around.

All I keep thinking about is how much my boobs were freaking killing me during the 2ww with my pregnancy. It was most painful to even put on my bra. I don't remember what day it was the the hurt started. Certainly not this early? Because there is no pain today, let me tell you.

The only difference between the cycle I got pregnant and this one is that I took progesterone last time. The RE didn't offer it this time and when I called the clinic post IUI because I suddenly remembered that I didn't have a prescription, the nurse called me back and said we would do without this time. I don't quite get why- if it was part of the cycle that worked last time- but I can't even go there now. Certainly if this cycle is a bust it will be one of the first things that I bring up for the next one.

And I know that progesterone can mimic early pregnancy signs, so last time I tried really hard to discount them- I didn't want to hope too much.

This time... well I wouldn't say that I feel nothing going on. But I also recognize that it might be all psychosomatic. This is what is going on: I have odd joint pain in my ankles, and increased carpel tunnel tingly-ness in my hand. And sporadic mild cramp-like-something-is-going on-in there feelings. And increased runny nose (which I had last time- my nose ran like a tap the whole first trimester.) And headaches. And I'm tired.

All this can be attributed to other stuff most definitely.

I will probably test on Sunday (which is 12dpo- I think), so that I have the day to lie in bed and mope if need be while my husband is home to support me and take care of Sacha.
I hope. And sit. And wait.


Nico said...

I had WAY fewer symptoms with my second and third pg than I did with my first (like nothing at all until cramping at 13dpo with #2 and nothing like ZERO anything with #3). So I wouldn't read anything into that.

And I'm a big advocate of waiting until 13-14dpo to test because I know quite a lot of people who've gotten a BFN at 12dpo but gone on to get a BFP. Why put yourself through that? :)

Krista said...

I had no symptoms with either, I guess it is all random. Good luck though, I am really rooting for you.

sky girl said...

I had no symptoms. And this time could be nothing like the last time so try not to dissect it too much.

I'll be thinking of you and hoping that this is the last 2ww you have to endure.

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