Thursday, June 10, 2010


Today is cycle day three.

Yup- my period came, maybe just in time, maybe a day late. We never know with my ovaries.

The cycle I conceived I had my IUI on cd16. The first day that my clinic is closed for vacation is my cd16. Let's hope we can see some nice stimming to make it a cd15 insemination. Cuz otherwise we will be doing it the old fashioned way. Which didn't work the 2 times we tried it. Oh, and we will likely be out of town staying at a friend's house on cd 16.

I'm trying not to count my chickens before they hatch. But I can't help it.

In totally disgusting news, though I have had bleeding on and off every couple of months since I stopped breastfeeding, I'm pretty certain it never was a "period" per se. Let me tell you- I am bleeding like a mofo. No freaking joke. I am going throough tampons like... well I don't know what. But I'm using a lot of them. And pads. And ugh- just gross.

Given all that, the wanding this morning was pretty grossitating. I will spare you the details (frankly, it's not something that I need to write more about for posterity either). My heavy bleeding corrolates with a thick lining. The Dr would like to have seen thinner, but he's ok with starting the cycle. Given that I am bleeding so heavily he is confident the lining will thin out. Yuck.

So... our protocol is the same as where we left off: 5mg Femara days 3-7; and 60IU Puregon starting cd 6.

I hope, but I'm trying not to invest too much.

In other news my husband and I had a big fight at the end of dinner. Wow, I am so realizing that he learned nothing from last time we did treatments. Add stress of treatments to the stress of running a family with a toddler, and we have explosive situations happening 'round here. I'm not even sure what to do about it all. With out getting into more detail I am just left with a complete feeling of "he sucks" tonight. Not great considering we are embarking on something "together".

Given all this, I am less excited that I should be. Which is just another "ugh" to add to doday's list of yuckies.


Lauren said...

I'm on cycle day 3 with a super heavy period, too! Hooray! We can be crappy period buddies.

Heather said...

So sorry about the heavy bleeding. Seriously, that super sucks.

My assvice - communicate with him...once you cool down. Even if you feel like you are repeating yourself (which is how I ALWAYS feel because, really?, didn't you go through this with me before? why am I the one who has to be the one to remember this shit, man up!)

Sorry, a bit of my own anger here...we are having our own issues over here at my house...

Lut C. said...

Quite the list, but treatment will do that to you, and heavy periods, and husband issues.

Heather's advice sounds good. Might try it myself.
What, I have to TELL him I'm blue? Can't he see that with his own eyes?

Heather said...

Hopefully you two are able to wrok something out and get back on better footing before you have to do the whole I don't like you very much but lets make a baby thing together.

sky girl said...

Men don't ever learn anything. Seriously. They're all boneheads.