Wednesday, March 26, 2008


That's pretty much the subject line of every email I am writing these days lest the receiver think that it will actually contain the words "am in labour, on the way to hospital." Wishful thinking!!

If all went as my doctor wanted it to I would either presently be in labour or holding my son. I'm sitting in my office blogging, so neither of the above is currently true.

Monday's appointment and subsequent 24 hours were tough. For starters I waited 4 hours to see the doctor. Not pleasant on any occasion, but incredibly less so at 41 weeks with shooting pains in both my legs. I could neither sit or stand- it was horrible.

By the time I got in for my exam I felt worse than shit run over by a tractor trailer. My doctor could obviously see that. I had an internal to find that I was 1+cm dilated (not quite 2cm!). The doctor proclaimed that we needed a plan on how to proceed. She suggested I go in to the hospital Tuesday evening to have gel inserted to soften my cervix, and then come in Wednesday morning (when she would be at the hospital) for an induction. I was feeling hopeless and miserable, and so I agreed.

It turns out that knowing it was going to happen didn't make me feel any better, and on the car on the way home I snapped out of it and realized "this is not what I want!!" At home I spoke with my wonderful doula who promptly reminded me of this very important fact. The doula and I made an appointment to meet in the morning to discuss what I really wanted to do.

I woke up feeling like a new person. First thing in the morning I called the doctor's office and canceled the induction, but made an appointment for an NST and fluid check (I knew I had no choice in the matter... my doctor had already told me if I chose not to induce that day I would have to go for the tests. I was completely ok with that.)

I then met with my doula and we talked about what was going on. I came to the conclusion that I indeed did want to wait, that my body was doing something (I was after dilating, even if just a bit), and that perhaps the baby was just waiting for all the turmoil following the death of my grandfather in order to come into the world. (I know many of you won't prescribe to this, but I feel very strongly about messages from the body.)

I felt so much better and headed off to my NST (which would invariably tell us if it was at all medically necessary to get the baby out of me.) The NST was totally fine, and my fluid level was moderate. The doctor who did the fluid check said that moderate was ok, and that I could wait a couple of days and come back Friday for a further check (Provided I hadn't given birth!)

Great news in my books! I took the report and headed up the street to my doctor's office. What happened next is pretty much a blur, but let's just say that my doctor was not pleased with me wanting to wait until at least Friday until we looked into induction again. She basically was trying to have me have my baby on her schedule (as she is in the hospital today), and attempted to make me feel guilty by telling me that she has been in the hospital for the past three weekends so there was no way she would come in for me delivery. (For the record: I know how it works, and I never even expected that she would be there.) I was in tears because it seemed ridiculous to me that under no circumstances was she even taking into account what my wishes for birthing were!

Finally she relented (realizing, I hope, that she was being very mean to me!) and we settled on revisiting the issue following my fluid check on Friday.

So that's where we stand, my friends. I am only 6 days past my due date. Today I seem ok with this fact. Now that the shiva for my grandfather is over my head is much clearer. I was able to get a big chunk of work (that had been hanging over me for the week) completed. The nursery furniture is set to be delivered tomorrow morning. I have my first opportunity to relax. Let's hope the baby knows how to read the cues!


Sarah said...

Here's hopeing for some progress!

Fertilized said...

hoping for more great progress for you - sorry your dr's attitude was not nice to you but that things worked out in the end

nutsinmay said...

Ohh, I could slap your doctor. Being mean to an overdue pregnant lady in mourning. Gah. I'm glad she relented.

Here's hoping the relaxing speeds things up and you darling son is in your arms by the weekend.

Thalia said...

I'm glad you are sticking to what you want/need. I do hope the baby comes soon, though!

sky girl said...

I've been offline for a few days now and kept wondering if you'd had the baby. Isn't that wild that I'm wondering about you and I've never met you.

I'm coming to Montreal for a day this weekend. I fully expect you to be in the hospital so I won't even ask you to meet for a coffee. :)

Karen said...

Good for you for making your own decisions about your care! I hope that you're holding your little one very soon, and happy birthing!

Erin said...

You're doing exactly what you need to do for yourself and your baby--I'm glad that you have a wonderful doula to help as your advocate, since your doctor clearly isn't going to be any help in that respect! As far as fluid levels, most of the time drinking 2 liters of water will get them back to normal as long as the placenta is working properly. The average for a first-time mom is 8 days past the due date and, while I know that's hard to hear at this point, being induced when your body isn't ready just leads to more interventions. OK, I'll stop--you know just what you're doing and you're doing great!

serenity said...

oh hon. it's good that you are advocating for yourself. keep it up.

(and let's get moving, baby!!!)

hang in there. i am hoping for progress soon.

sariel & shlomit said...

big, big kudos to you, my friend...good for you for listening to your body and your glad you have your wonderful doula for support...
i am thinking of you often...can't wait til you're holding your little one!

Aurelia said...

I'm glad you are happy, and glad you got the NST to check, and damn I hope you are in labour!

Now tell your man to go have sex with you and stimulate that cervix. It's the least he could do. snort.

Dianne/Flutter said...

Good for you for sticking up for yourself and not relenting.

Wishing that you have a safe delivery. And that little one decides to grace you with his presence :) VERY soon.

Geohde said...

Baby yet???

Kidding. But haunting your blog...


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