Monday, June 04, 2007


8 Random Things About Me

I know that you have all been waiting anxiously for me to do this meme- I KNOW! And I am so sorry to keep you waiting for so long. I was just waiting for the right time. You know, with all the other exciting things going on around here, it's so hard to get time in for a meme. So without further ado...

1. I am a total neat freak and control freak, but for some reason my office desk is always a complete mess. Papers, bills, receipts, 2 phones, project folders, a zillion different lists... If anyone touches anything it drives me nuts, because although it's out of contol I still somehow know where to find everything.

2. I have a Bachelor of Fine.Arts and a Mater of Archi.tecture. My work uses skills that I gathered from both these fields, but is not something that you would imagine someone with these degrees doing as her "job".

3. Bad grammar drives me bonkers. Especially on professionally made materials (signs, menus, etc..) (I am aware that I am very guilty of it here. VERY aware. Which contributes to the problem. You know the old saying- the things that bother you the most about other people are the ones that you can't resolve within yourself. This is certainly a superficial interpretation of that saying...) Things that bug me the most: their, there and they're used incorrectly; its and it's- egad!; and the worst: using 's when it does not denote a posessive- that gives me shivers like when someone scratched their nails on a blackbord.

4. I went to an all girls pirvate high school. And I LOVED it.

5. The C and I met because we lived on the same floor in our university residence. One night we were drunk and he followed me back to my room. The rest is (pretty much) history.

6. The first place that I ever travelled to outside of North America was China. I went on a school trip when I was 16 (ummm... if this surprises you, see #4). It was an amazing adventure. Prior to that trip I had traveled to Toronto, Eastern Quebec and New Brunswick, California, and Florida.

7. I am fourth generation North American. My father's mother's mother was born in Nashville. She was supposedly a real "Southern Belle". All of my grandparents were born in North America (3 in Canada and 1 in the US), with their parents having come here in their childhood. This is really remarkable considering my Jewish heritage. Most Jews did not come to Canada and the US until the a generation later. As a result, it is also notable that I didn't have any family that was lost in the Holo.caust (baruch hashem). Another interesting fact: The C is Canadian by naturalization- he was born in Portugal and only came here when he was 15. Our children (halavai) will be 5th generation on my side, and first generation on his.

8. I love shoes. Especially black flats. Oy vey. I also love purses. You can never outgrow either of these things...

2WW update: NOTHING to report. No symptoms whatsoever. Perhaps I will be enjoying that white peach sagria come Sunday...


sariel & shlomit said...

Puh, puh, puh!!! You will NOT be enjoying sangria on Sunday!!!

Loved the facts abt you, though truthfully I knew most of them....but you? a control freak?! never!!!!

hope the 2ww is zipping along!

Heather said...

Will Sunday just hurry up and get here!!!

I have big hopes for you this cycle, girl!

My Reality said...

Bad grammar makes my skin crawl. Especially when people don't know the difference between there and their. Typos don't bother me though.

I hope you won't be drinking white peach sangria on Sunday.

Mary Ellen and Steve said...

Bad grammar annoys the crap out of me too.

Hoping that this cycle is it. Hang in there.

Carrie said...

I love black flats too. I like all flat, but dainty shoes, to be honest.

Hope your lack of symptoms is a lack of PMS. The Sangria can wait for another time.

The Town Criers said...

That is amazing that your family has been here for so long--4 generations.

Sharing your neat freakiness and messy desk syndrome...

matthew m. f. miller said...

Bad grammar is the worst. I often wonder how these people made it through school without being corrected.

Dianne/Flutter said...

I love these! :) Your husband and I share the same heritage. But you probably all ready knew that :). I struggle with grammar, because technically English isn't my first language. As a result, diction* is one of my favorite sites!

P.S. I drank all the Sangria - no more for you - because of good things :).

mandolyn said...

Ah-ha! I knew there were other people in this world that cared about the appropriate use of the apostrophe and correct use of the possessive. Whew!

patiently waiting said...

I am knew to this whole thing. i actually live in mtl too and am seeing the same doc.
3 failed femara's and moving on to injectibles next time, scared shit.
your post has given me courage and I wish you lots of luck!