Friday, May 11, 2007


I went to the toilet before my 5pm client was set to arrive. What did I find when I wiped? You got it- a little teeny bit of light pink on the paper.

I don't know what to make of this.

(Really I DO, I think that I am just deluding myself for a few more hours.)

Because it's only 11dpo. On my 2 previous medicated cycles my period has come bang on 14dpo. In pretty much full force. None of this spotting shit.

(Though when I bring on my period with BCPs this is always how my period starts. And of course at those times I want it to come faster, but it starts in spits and dribbles.)

This can't be over at 11dpo! It can't! Can it?

I have been having abdominal "feelings" that past 3 days. And they do not resemble the ones that signal the onset of flow. (Those I get just a couple hours before my period starts, and do not feel like I have been feeling.) They have been different. Perhaps they have been fucking with me.

What if it is over? Why 11dpo? Do I have some sorta LP issue?

What if it isn't over? Then what is going on here?

Really. Who am I fooling?


VanillaDreams said...

Crap -- I'm not really sure what to say other than to ask if you plan to POAS sooner rather than later?

I know it is still early, but something COULD be showing up by 11DPO....It's happened to me before (although I'm not the best example to use if you're looking for a happy ending to positive pee sticks...*rolls eyes* )

Anyway -- it could be so many things.....that is the bugger of it.

It could be implantation....

It could be low progesterone....

It could be your period starting....

It could be nothing much at all....

Sigh. It's just all so frustrating.

The only way you'll know is to start testing unfortunately.

Btw, are you on pr0gesterone supplements???

Good luck on whatever you decide to do!


Krista said...

I actually had implantation spotting with this pregnancy. I thought my period was coming because I was bleeding but everything else felt different. I agree with Nilla, only a pee stick will tell the real story.

I am crossing my fingers though!

My Reality said...

It really could be implantation bleeding.

That is what I hope it is.

sariel & shlomit said...

The truth is, my dear friend, ANYTHING could be happening!!!! Yes, it could be the harbinger of doom...or of joy...that's the fucking krappy part of this?!?!?!?!!!

Girl, i'm sitting here hoping and praying that you are the third person in my sphere to get a bfp in the last 8 days!!!!

thinking of you often...

Adrienne said...

Implantation bleeding. Give yourself a few days, then POAS. Fingers-crossed for you!

decemberbaby said...

I spotted at 13 dpo, which was weird because I never spot on progesterone... and because I don't usually spot anyway, AF usually announces herself with a nice little gush.

So my instinct is to say if it's different from other cycles, there's still hope. In fact, there's hope anyway.

Do me a favour, take your pulse.

Erin said...

I won't give any assvice or anything like that, but I am holding out hope for you.

TeamWinks said...

...waiting for the update on the situation with both my fingers crossed that it is what we all hope it is...

Mary Ellen and Steve said...

It could be anything my dear. I hope that it is only implantation spotting. Hang in there. xx