Wednesday, May 09, 2007


And nothing much to report. I am quite chillaxed. But if I were to report something the list would look like this:
  • Boobs sore on and off. (Has happened in the past 2 inj cycles- either from ovulation or fron hCG shot, I am certain.)
  • Some mild type of sensation in uterine area. (Ummm... could be gas?)
  • Large under-the-skin painful zit emerging on right side of chin. Have not had a zit like this for about 3 months (since I have consitently been either on BCP or having my body pumped with horemones in order to O.) But lo! It appears that zits are not an EPS, but a sign of impending AF!!
  • Insane nosebleeds first thing in the morning for the past two days. (Allergies...)

You SEE? There really is nothing of note.

But it doesn't mean I'm letting hope fly out the window. I'm still doing pretty fine. I have tons of work to keep me busy, which is a god-send at this point. I can't believe how I have plowed through my projects in the past 2 weeks. My clients are loving me because what is usually a 2 week delay has become about 4 to 5 days. MUST-KEEP-MIND-AND-BODY-BUSY.

It has not escaped me that Mother's Day is 13dpo. I usually POAS on 13dpo (because if a cycle is a bust I 99% get AF on 14dpo, and I don't like red, bloody surprises.)

The positive side of Mother's Day in my family is that the only mothers that we celebrate are my mother and my grandmother. We don't have any "young" mothers around here: my divorced brother's kids are away with their mother (and they are older anyways-not in the category of "children who upset me"), and all my cousins are more than 10 years younger than I am.

The truth is that I don't know what to do about POAS this time. If it's not positive I don't want to ruin everyone's day by being all sulky and nasty. I can't even imagine what it will be like if it's positive.

I truly want to thank all you lovlies for your comments and support through this cycle. I don't know what I would do without you.

UPDATE: Thank you, people! I am an avid fan of avoiding Dr. Google. Guess what I just spent the last little while researching? Yup: nosebleeds. I never knew!


decemberbaby said...

Uh, nosebleeds were my big tip-off both times. Just so you know.

You could always pee in a cup with FMU at 13 dpo, then put it in the fridge and test later. That way you won't ruin your day if it's negative.

But I'm hoping it's not negative.

Samantha said...

Thinking positive for you...

Erin said...

Any chance you're really good at holding it? You can usually run them fairly accurately with 4-hour held urine, in case you want to do it later that evening. But then again, I hope that it's positive!

Mary Ellen and Steve said...

I so hope it's positive!! Good luck!

Krista said...

Nosebleeds were a tip-off for me too. And major head aches. I hope it is positive. I like the storage of FMU idea, if you have that kind of self-discipline (I'm not sure I could make it through the day though)

Good luck

sariel & shlomit said...

Yah, I was going to say what Sara said!!!

You're doing great, girl!! I'm impressed with your chillaxed attitude!!!!

Plus you are an amazing friend and you completely bowled me over with that package!! (see your email)!!!

I'm hoping this is it for you...I have no great advice about POAS on mom's day....i'll let you know if i think of anything...i like the pee in the fridge...ahahahaha!!!

peace and love,

Flygirl said...

Well I'll be hoping for good news for you on the dreaded Day this year.

I like Decemberbaby's idea. That never would have occured to me.

Somewhat Ordinary said...

Nosebleeds? Hum, I'm thinking that is a good sign!

Lut C. said...

I thought those fancy sticks could pick up enough any time of the day?
Mine claimed it could.
I'd definitely wait till the evening of the 13th, if you must test that day.

Karen said...

yeah, wait until the evening. Nosebleeds in pregnancy are fairly common because of the increased blood volume, but I'm surprised that other people have found them to be an early pregnancy sign, because at 9dpo, your blood volume shouldn't have increased THAT much. I'm getting a lot of nosebleeds myself, and did in my last pregnancy too.

Oh, and the sore boobs are from progesterone, not from the ovulation per se nor from the hCG shot.

Good luck! I'm thinking of you every day!

Carol said...

yeah, the nosebleeds are an interesting possible symptom - especially if you've never had them before.

Good luck!!!!!

TeamWinks said...

Nosebleeds don't sound like a whole lot of fun. :-(

Amy said...

I hope Mothers Day turns out to be soon-to-be Mothers Day for you :)

My Reality said...

I knew about the nosebleeds.

Nilla said...

Well yes, nosebleeds are a pregnancy symptom -- but a later one. The previous poster who commented about nosebleeds being caused by increased blood volume is right - she is also right that the blood volume can't increase that quickly by 9DPO.

I've gotten nosebleeds with most of my (short-lived)pregnancies -- but not until around 6 weeks or so. Of course, I was also on 81 mg Aspirin and I don't think that helped matters much! ;)

Higher estrogen levels also increase nosebleeds -- I've noticed that I tend to get bloody noses from taking Delestr0gen/Estrace/Vivelle patches for a FET.

Blah -- anyway!

I'm wishing you the best of luck with this cycle!


Artblog said...

Wishing you lots of luck that the nosebleeds mean something :)


sariel & shlomit said...

Okay, you've had your fix now...step away from Dr. Google!!!
Thinking of you daily, my friend!
peace and love,

The Town Criers said...

Can you wake up extra early, pee on a stick, and then have time to either marvel in amazement and collect yourself or cry and collect yourself? Would you be able to collect yourself.

I have one of those this month except that we'll be on a stressful trip when it's time to pee. Do I test and add to that stress when I'm not in a place where I can cry or show anything is wrong? Do I not pee and fume that I'm stuck in a place where I can't celebrate or mourn? I have a feeling I'll do the very early wake up and pee so I have some time to cry and get it out of my system before I need to face everyone.

megan said...

i never knew about the nosebleeds either! i'm sending only very positive thoughts your way. . . regarding testing, i would wait to test, but that is only because i'm a big wuss about testing in general.
i let some FMU sit around for a while and got drastically different results than from a "fresher specimen"....maybe that's because i didn't put it in the fridge or because i was using some cheapo internet tests (the pee in a cup and dip kind), but still....something to think about.
whatever you decide will be the best decision for you. good luck!

Watson said...

Wishing you good luck this weekend, or whenever you decide to test!

I'll be racing to the computer to check for news :-)

Krista said...

Still hoping for the best for you. I have tagged you on my blog if you feel like playing.