Tuesday, October 10, 2006


First things first: the shower. It was ok. Actually it was fun. And the baby was cute. And gorgeous. And so well behaved. Really, everything you can desire in an infant. This is probably all due to the fact that the mother is amazing. (Such a nice woman that I can almost forgive her for marrying and procreating with a man who dumped me for not having sex with him.) The saving grace was that said guy did not show up at the shower as I was certain that he would. Thank the lord. I really was not looking forward to that interaction.
What did annoy me a bit was the bride-to-be going on and on about how she can't wait to get married so that she can start popping out babies. Because that's what you do: you get married and then boom, get pregnant just like that. We all know how well that works!

(I don't wish to dwell on this today, as I am getting frustrating just writing about it) so, MOVING ON...

Tomorrow we see the urologist.

Digression: I just called my gyn's office. I fucking hate the receptionist. I requested a copy of my records early last week, and I was told they would be prepared in a few days and they would call me to let me know. OF COURSE I never received a call, so I am calling this morning to get this taken care of (as I need the records for tomorrow's appointment!) This is the ensuing converstation:
Me: Hi this is Ms. C, I called last week to get a copy of my records.
Her: You know, this is an emergency line [a fact I did not know], I am waiting for Dr. S to call, You should not be using this line to ask me such questions, call back at xxx-xxxx. [Hang up]
Of course now I am calling the other line (I swear I did not know the number I had was an emergency line! No one ever told me that!), and it's busy. Which I guess is a good thing because if that shit assed receptionist actually piked up the phone the first time I tried the number I might have lost it on her. OOO... this is real time blogging... I just got through, but now am on hold. I will have to restrain myself from yelling at her/letting my emotions get in the way (ie crying) when she comes back on the line. Ooop-here she is, and back on hold I am!

I had to interrupt my real time blogging...
When someone finally came back on the phone, it was the nurse, who said to me: "Ms. C, why didn't you call on the private line?" At which point I LOST it. I started crying. The nurse is a sweetheart, and is always kind to me, but it is rare that the receptionist will let me talk to her. This is how the conversation unfolded:

Me: I just called on that line, and was yelled at for doing so.
Nurse: Well that's rediculous. So you want your records to send to Dr. Pfifer?
Me (really losing it): Dr. Pfifer??!!! (sob sob) You know, this is crazy, I can't get anywhere when I call your office!
Nurse: Ms. C, what do you mean???
Me: I asked for a referral for a urologist for my husband in August, and it took 5 weeks till someone got back to me, and when I finally got a name, it was a Dr. Chan, not a Dr. Pfifer.
(Slight digression: Incidentally, Dr. Chan is who we have our appointment with tomorrow, he is the doctor that works at clinic#2 that we are looking into. When my gyn's office gave me the number to call Dr. Chan, the actually referred me to another office that he works in. Where the hell did Dr. Pfifer come from?)
Nurse: Well your husband should see Dr. Pfifer, and we have sent the records there.
Me: I CAN'T TAKE THIS ANYMORE! (sob sob) This is all besides the point. I need my records to take to an appointment that I have at a fertility clinic. Actually 2 different clinics. So I need my records! And I don't know what all this is about Dr. Pfifer! Why wasn't I given his name in the first place.
Nurse: Ms. C... Can you call back at 11 on the private line so you can speak to Dr. S? Please do that, ok? (sweetly)
Me: alright. (sob sob)

Why can't they get their act together? Why can they not realize that this is my life, and our chances for a baby that they are screwing with? I am not asking for my records so that I can use the paper to build a bonfire. I am trying to get us some help! Why can't they see how trying this is for me? And be a little sensitive. I am really not asking for much here. A referral to a specialist, a copy of my records. Not difficult tasks. Fuck!

I will get back to the normally scheduled program of PREPARATIONS for tomorrow's urologist appointment and Thursday's RE appointment when I get to the bottom of this reconds crap.


zhl said...

What a mess. I'm so sorry. I don't understand all the incompetence in the medical profession today. Your story sounds way too familiar, including being yelled at. Hope you are able to reach the doctor later and get what you need.

~r said...

This makes me sad.. Some medical professionals don't realize how many hopes and dreams they hold in their hands when they're doing the most routine of tasks... if they did, they might understand the importance.

I hope it worked out better when you called back.

Lut C. said...

Don't they ever get bored of phone tag? EVER? Or are there always new receptionists that discover the fun of phone tag all over again.

Jennie said...

I hope you're not planning on going back there in the future. I think finding a new gyn next time you need one would be a good move in the right direction. They should not be adding to all the stress. Or... if you really like the Dr. himself and you want to stay I think you need to tell him how difficult working with his office has been.

If you are not really in love with the Dr. it think it's time to let that stress go and find a new one. You don't deserve to be treated like that!

Heather said...

Why do doctors' offices have the bitchiest receptionists ever? I'm sure they probably all aren't - but all the ones I've come across have been!

I'm sorry they are being stupid and stressing you.

TeamWinks said...

It's enough to make your head spin!

lunarmagic said...

Oh good grief. That would send me over the edge, too. Uggghhhhh. I really hope you get this straightened out!!

Mary Ellen and Steve said...

Oh how frustrating. I am sorry that you have to deal with this on top of everything else. I hope that you are able to figure it all out.

flygirl said...

Oh man. They could make our journey just a titch easier by being a little more accomodating.

Good luck with all the appts.