Tuesday, October 17, 2006


Look at me! I'm winning the Met.formin match!

I started with 500 mg of Met on Saturday, so today would be my 4th day popping said pill. Days 1 and 2 saw a fair share of toilet action from the rear end, and also some bloating. Yesterday wasn't too bad, and so far today not too bad either. When I say not bad I mean that a bit of acid reflux and some gas is definately tolerable if this drug yeilds its desirable results. I would up my dose to 1000 mg tomorrow, but I decided to hold off on that as I am meeting my girlfriends in Vegas over the weekend. The girl with the runs and gas is no fun in a hotel room packed with the ladies! So Tuesday it will be for that advancement. I hope I adjust just as easily.

Today is also day 2 of Pro.metrium. I haven't taken this before, but I have doen Pr.overa 3 times. If all goes as planned I should be welcoming my flow next Friday, the day after my 1st appointment with RE-O. If he orders day 3 bloodwork (which Dr. H didn't, and I am surprised, is anyone else surprised? I do have recent blood analysis, but it is not from day 3), then I will be all set to do so under his watch, if I so choose to proceed with him. It also means that my HSG will fall somewhere in the following week. So many things to look forward to!

Here is my question of the day: What is the difference between Pr.overa and Pr.ometrium? I know they are both progesterone used to bring on a period, but why would my gyn prescibe Pr.overa and Dr. H prescribe Pro.metrium? Are there advantages to either? Disadvantages? Has anyone used both and noticed any difference?

And finally today, I must send out the biggest hugs to you all! Not only did you stick with me to read through my last post, but your comments, suggestions, advice and anecdotes were so helpful to me. It is so amazing to feel like I am not alone in this journey. I can't even describe the warmth I feel because of all the support that you have shown me. This is one hell of a tough ride, and I want us all to get off soon (with babes in arms), but in the meantime I am thanksful to have you by my side.


Krista said...

Good going on the Met.formin. Your side effects shouldn't be as bad when you up your pills from 1-2 as it was to start with. I did find a bit of an adjustment going to three though.

Also, I have only ever used Provera to bring on my period.

I am surprised the doctor didn't order day 3 blood work, it was the first thing my RE wanted to see.

My Reality said...

I am glad the met.formin isn't too bad for you.

I don't think there is much difference between provera and prometrium - I think that they are just different brand names for progesterone. I could be wrong, but I think that it is just a name thing.

I hope you have a great weekend in Vegas with the ladies and you win tons of money!

sariel & shlomit said...

hey c-girl!
yes, surprised abt no day 3 bloodwk...that's a basic!
happy to hear that the c-team is ahead!!
and happier still to hear that you are going to go have your ass some fun in vegas!!!!

Thalia said...

There's a chemical difference between prometrium and provera. Prometrium is a natural progesterone, and the only available oral progesterone. Provera is medroxprogesterone acetate, ie progesterone with other chemical groups added to it to improve absorption and stability. They should both have the same effect, but prometrium is somewhat more likely to cause side-effects.

flygirl said...

I am surprised at no Day 3 bloodwork.

I've only used Prometrium and it was simply to boost my progersterone after my IUI not to bring on a period.

Watson said...

Ms. C,

It was you! You asked the question abt. Met and I was just posting on that very subject today. I will re-read your comments from that post for the inside scoop from your readers.

I'm glad you're tolerating it okay. I will be starting tomorrow and not really looking forward to it, but at least we're in it together, right?

Have a fun weekend with your girlfriends!!

Mary Ellen and Steve said...

I am glad that you are tolerating the metformin okay. I hope that it stays that way when you up your pills. It should. Starting it was much worse that increasing it, at least for me.

I too am surprised that they didn't request day 3 testing.

Kabmom said...

Hi I'm new to your site but I wanted to give my comments too. I didn't even know what PCOS was until after I had my first baby. But the symptoms fit me alright. I call my son my miracle sometimes as I don't know how he was conceived. And yes I would say just because you have periods doesn't mean you ovulate. I loved and hated the metformin because if I didn't take a dose the next one made me sick. But it worked as I am now expecting again. Two miracles what did I ever do to deserve them? I was a little frustrated with the met but the doctor said it could take up to six months for it to take "full" effect. As for the clinic issue do what's best for you. You wouldn't buy a car without driving it first would you? So shop around. I don't know what your previous issues were as I only read two posts but when it comes to your medical care your in charge not the doctor. He can tell you what he advises and flat out refuse to do a treatment but there are other doctors and other opinions. I've found the same team effort in almost every clinic I've been to from Endocrinologists to Ob/Gyn's to pediatricians. There are always pros and cons to every place but what's important is what you think and how you feel. I wish you the best of luck and hope all goes well no matter the test, the drug or the doctor.

VanillaDreams said...

Prometrium is NATURAL progesterone, while Provera is a synthetic drug.

I don't know any doctors who prescribe Provera anymore....so, I'm always surprised to hear that someone actually does!

Prometrium is generally thought to be better and more effective because it is a natural form, and therefore the body is better able to absorb it and put it to use.

Also, there have been many scientific studies published in medical journals stating that there is a link between Provera and certain types of cancers. So, I would highly recommend that people choose Prometrium over Provera.

The only side effect I've ever had from Prometrium is feeling sleepy and/or a little dizzy. This is easily mitigated by taking it right before bed -- then you sleep through the night and don't notice any effects. ;)

I'm also surprised you didn't get Day 3 testing -- you should ask for it anyway, even if the RE didn't.

Good luck with everything!


The Town Criers said...

Yeah--I only used Provera to bring on my period and Prometrium from a day or two after ovulation until the end of the cycle to boost lining/help implantation/etc.

Thanks for your post on my blog--I think the comment you made is because that certain woman (not sure if she reads this blog) loves you very much so the "fix it" instinct kicks into overdrive. It's not a good instinct, but I get where it comes from. She just needs to learn how to tame it...

Beagle said...

I have also just started Met and for me each dose increase got easier. I feel "almost normal" now and I've been on 2000 for 5 days now.

Now to see if it does anything for me!

Good Luck with it!