Wednesday, October 25, 2006


I just received a phone call to confirm my appointment at Clinic-Original for tomorrow. Say that with me, people: TO-MOR-ROW. I have waited 7 months for this, and it is finally here.

It's true, two weeks ago I did see another RE (Dr. H). Who offered some Pro.metrium, ordered some bloodwork, put the request in for an HSG, sent me home with a six month script for Met.formin, and not much else. Like information. Or statistics. Or plans. (I like plans! I need to know what's going on!)

It's also true that I didn't push too too hard because I saw this as a practice run for my appointment with Clinic-Original. I have had two weeks to think about my taking of the Met.formin. (How is it going? More on that later.) I am determined to get what I came for tomorrow. I'm talking strategy and plan of attack. I have decided that I can't deal with the "take the Met and see if you ovulate" approach.

These are my issues that I am dealing with:
I need a time frame: how long will we wait to see if I have ovulated? Like I said before: I don't think I am willing to wait longer than 3 months.
How will I know if I am ovulating? I want to be monitored.
What if I ovulate and The C's sperm can't do it on their own. How long are we going to wait till we move to IUI?
If I don't ovualte with the Met alone, I will ONLY do one more round of Clo.mid. And I hate the stuff, so I will be adamant about doing it with IUI.
Also: Day 3 blood tests, hello? (See below regarding potential issue with this.)

I think that when I have my answers to these questions (as well as have a look at how the clinic is run) I will be able to make my decision on where I want to be. I have had a lot of time to prepare for this appointment. Thanks to you guys I think I know a WHOLE LOT about IF, and about what particular issues The C and I are facing as a couple. I am going into this armed and dangerous (with research and information), and will not stand for any dilly dallying.

NEXT TOPIC AT HAND: Met.formin. I am pleased to report that all is well. Today I am increasing my dosage to 1000mg. I will keep you posted on any crappy side effects. (I know, bad pun.)

MOVING ON: My cycle. I started my Pro.metrium on Monday, the 16th, and took it for 5 days. I had a plan. First-did not want to have my period while in Vegas with the ladies. And second-was trying to have days 7-10 fall on a Friday so I could have a friend accompany me for my HSG. Things did not go as planned. Previously when I took Pro.vera, I got my period 7 days after my last pill. NOT SO WITH PRO.METRIUM, people. My flow arrived on Sunday, a mere 2 days after my final pill pop. Smack dab in the middle of my trip, and with the only option for the HSG on a Monday. Thank you Aunt Flo.

So much for nagging Clinic Original for CD3 bloodwork. Who know when I will have my next cycle day 3? WHO KNOWS? Certainly not I. If I wait for the Met to "work", it could be up to 3 months. If I don't wait, but instead do another round of Pro.metrium, say in like 35 days, then I won't know if the Met is working. A catch-22 if I've ever seen one.

Also: the HSG. I have no one to bring me/pick me up. (The C just cannot get more time off at this time. I can't even ask. My mom: same thing.) This really leaves my grandmother, who 1-I don't really want to share this with; and 2-I am scared to get into a car with. The woman really should not be driving anymore. Furthermore, I wanted someone to hold my hand.

FINAL TOPIC: My trip to Vegas. It was a blast. My abs hurt for laughing for three days straight. It was so amazing that we all came together (from different cities) and had more than our usual couple of hours to catch up on each others' lives. I am so lucky to have such fabulous girlfriends in my life. As a group we are crass, dirty, inappropriate, and unembarassable. We danced on the street, grabbed eachothers' asses, and had men applaud our poolside antics. Most of it was caught on video, which will certainly provide ample blackmail material for the future. A well needed and well deserved break from reality.


sariel & shlomit said...

Okay, first of all...TAKE A CAB!!! that's what i did cos sariel had some other very important appointment which i can't remember at the moment...anyway, it wasn't all that bad and i was happy to not have to make conversation with anybody like a grandmother who shouldn't be driving A CAB!!!!!

secondly, YAAAAAAYYYYY!!! abt sooo deserved that time away!

thirdly, how KRAPPY about the timing, etc. for your day 3 bloods...aghghghghghghg...sometimes it seems that fate is working against us, eh?

fourthly, good luck at the long awaited dr.'s appt....make sure you do not leave until you have ALL of your questions answered!!!!

fifthly...thank G-d abt the met and the lack of too many side effects...go you!!

sixthly...i've gotta run but i am thinking about you and wishing all the best with the tests and appointments ahead of you...i can't wait to hear about your gameplan...soon we will both be big ol' preggers!!! yaaayy!!!!

love ya!

~r said...

I had to drive myself to my hsg. Due to a hospital snafu, I had to have the hsg the day after it was scheduled.. and the day after I had a babysitter. Not only did I drive myself, I brought a 2-year-old with me. Still, it wasn't bad. I do like the cab idea, just in case.

So glad the met isn't making you miserable. It seems so hit-or-miss. Some people have unbearable side effects, others have very few.

Vegas sounds like a perfectly wonderful getaway.

I can't wait to hear the update (with gameplan!) from your appointment. Going in with your own info and knowledge is such a help in getting what you need with minimal wasted time - and I'm sure you're beyond ready to start, having already waited seven months.

I'm so excited things are really moving for you!

squarepeg said...

Wow! It's finally here. I hope you get the game plan that you are after. And good luck with the met dose increase!

as for the HSG - I drove myself and honestly it was no big deal - I had mild AF-like cramps but that was it. Of course everyone's experience is different, so a cab might be a good idea just in case.

Krista said...

Ok I second what everyone else is saying about the HSG, I drove myself because hubby couldn't take time off and it really wasn't that bad. Some pinching and some mild cramping.

About the met: congrats.. I hope you continue to be one of the lucky ones whose body can adjust easily.

About the day 3 bloodwork: crappy timing. Too late this time but next time, I got my family doctor to write me the req explaining the specialist would want to see it but I would be past day 3 by then.

Your trip sounds delightful. Every girl needs good girlfriends and I am glad you had so much fun.

Good luck

Watson said...

Hi Ms. C --

So glad Vegas was fun!

This certainly falls under the 'assvice' category, but if you're wanting to know if and when you ovulate, I would totally recommend taking your own BBT each morning. 'Taking Charge of Your Fertility' teaches you how to recognize the signs on your own, which I personally found very empowering -- I didn't have to wait for the dr. to perform a scan or a bloodtest to tell me.

The system doesn't work to predict ovulation, unfortunately, but by taking your temperature and using a program like Fertility Friend, you might be able to tell if you ovulate and if so, what cycle day.

Sorry for the unsolicited feedback about that, but I'm really a big fan of the whole BBT idea!!

Good luck with your upcoming app't. :-)

Mary Ellen and Steve said...

I didn't find the HSG to be all that bad. I was fine afterwards. Steve went with me but I definitely could have driven myself home. Steve wasn't allowed in the room while the procedure was going on, so I asked the tech who was assisting to hold my hand and it was fine. My only assvice for the HSG is to take a couple of advil prior to the procedure.

I hope that your visit with the clinic goes well and that the metformin is working.

Vegas sounds like it was a blast. I am glad you had fun!

flygirl said...

Drove myself to and from the HSG. Don't know if I would've wanted anyone in there with me holding my hand.

Anyway, good luck tomorrow. I hope you get the answers that you're looking for although you may want to be prepared that they will not really be able to give you the dates and stuff that you're looking for as they will be interested in running diagnostic tests to see if they can figure things out first. It sucks, I know but they're doctors. You won't get them to commit to anything right off the top, with little to work with.

In my experience (and I hope yours is different) my first appt was a huge disappointment. I came armed with all this info and theories and opinions. It seemed worthless because they still had to run all the tests.

If you want to know if you're ovulating, why don't you try temping? It's a surefire, convenient way to do it...

Good luck!