Tuesday, October 31, 2006


Some important stuff, and some less important stuff:

1. I am sick. I hate being sick. I am a big baby when I am sick. It really sucks. I know everyone gets sick, but still, I hate this feeling. I am not going to dwell for fear that The C will call me a hypocondriac again. (Like he did last night. OK, moving on.)

2. The post below that states that I am a Frappacino? It is so right. I heart a Frap.

3. Thalia corrected me about about something. She said: "Btw it's LH:FSH that is high in ppl with PCOS - often about 2:1" You know what? SHE'S RIGHT! (Go figure.) Thanks for pointing out my error. The last thing I want is to misguide people. For the record my LH:FSH at last check was 6.3:4.4 (not on CD3, just a random day of an anovulatory cycle.) Not exactly 2:1, but enough of an indicator, I s'pose.

4. A couple of you mentioned that if I wanted to know when and if I ovulated I should temp. Yes, I totally agree with you! However: I tried one cycle, and I couldn't temp consistently. It was a mess. I often get up in middle of the night to "use the facilities", and when I get back to bed I don't have 3 hours of uninterrupted sleep. Also, I often wake up before the alarm goes off, which means that even if I don't get up in middle of the night, my waking times vary. All that being said, I had full intentions of temping this cycle, but I got my period unexpectedly while away, and did not have my thermometer. I am going to try my darndest next cycle when I take the Fem.ara.

5. THE HSG. Right. That thing. Turns out I went for a hysterosonogram, not a hysterosalpingogram. So I was injected with saline solution instead of "contrast material". And I had a transvaginal ultrasound, not an x-ray. I was a bit confused, but was told that they essentially show the same things. (Now that I think about it I remember the nurse telling me that I can do the test at the clinic, and they use a saline solution. Or I could do it elsewhere, wait a long time, pay less, and they use the other stuff. I opted to do it "in house".) RESULTS: all is normal.

6. It should be noted that the clinic where I went to do the procedure I was formerly referring to as an HSG was the first clinic I went to, not Clinic#1 with The World's Best Doctor. (They do not do this procedure at Clinic #1, so it was suggested that I keep my appointment there.) Let me tell you something: I am so happy that I explored other options and waited out the 7 months to see TWBD! All my gut feelings that I had about the first clinic seemed to be solidified. The docotr who preformed the procedure didn't talk to me. When he said "there's you uterus", and I said "where?", he totally ignored me and kept working... When he said "oh everything is fine, can you see?", and I said "no, what should I be seeing?", he was already removing the catheter and telling me to get dressed. To top it all off, of course this was not the same RE that I had my original consult with. EEEKS! I asked for a photocopy of all the tests they had done to date, and ran screaming for the hills! Going back to the other clinic, I realized just how great Clinic #1 is.

7. All my worry about driving? I could have driven right after the procedure. The cramps weren't too bad. The rest of the day I was pretty uncomfortable, but nothing you hadn't warned me about. In the end my wonderful friend drove me, sat with me throought the procedure (and therefore can attest to the uncommunicative doctor), and drove me home. She really is the best, and I am lucky to have her as my friend. And it's not like I'm sucking up to her. She doesn't read this blog. That's how great a friend she is: she knows the blog exists, and doesn't read it. Really, can you ask for more in a friendship?

8. National Infertility Awareness Week Announcement (In which I think the nation that is being referred to is the United States, and I live in Canada, but whatever, I will take any chance to spread some awareness, and not mention this fact again this week.)
CBC Newsworld has a special on Thursday, November 2, at 10:00pm on Hot Type called "Desperate for Babies". They will be looking at books that discuss IF, IVF, Donor Sperm and Eggs, and surrogacy. Hopefully from a Canadian perspective.
CBC Newsworld is a cable channel in Canada, and I believe is available on Sattelite across North America.


Lut C. said...

1. Get well soon.

4. Temping is something you should try, if you want. Do remember that the results aren't easy to interpret. I did it for a couple of months, before starting treatment, but found it only predicted my period reliably. I could not make sense of when I was supposedly ovulation. Since I have irregular cycles, that was the whole point of course. Good luck!

6. Thank goodness you went to both clinics.

My Reality said...

Get better soon!

As for temping, I found it worked well for me, but I have regular cycles. I used fertility friend and it was pretty easy to use. I still track my cycles on it, even though I am not temping right now.

I don't know if we get CBC Newsworld or not - if I do, I will check out the program.

Krista said...

Glad the sono went well and showed a normal uterus. I was no good at temping either. Could never remember to do it before I got out of bed.

Glad you are happy with your clinic

flygirl said...

TCOYF has great software that will factor in varying waking times for your temps. As far as if you get up to pee in the middle of the night, don't fret over the little things. Once you do it for awhile there will be a bigger picture to see.

The software is AWESOME. I totally recommend it.

sariel & shlomit said...

GET BETTER!!!! aaghghghghghghg...i'm sick too and it sucks...poor sariel has had to listen to me whine for days...it seems to bring out the best in him, though, thank G-D!!!!
great abt the normal stuff...though sucky abt the doc...slightly off topic and i know it's not my blog but a few years ago i had a vaginal sonohystogram and it was fucking PAINFUL!!!!!! and the doctor that did it thought i was such a wimp for getting teary-eyed and said "you better hope you never have children if you think this is painful"....uhhhh yah...so maybe she cursed me...anyway, no or bad bedside manner should be a CRIME!

temping totally sucked for me the first month but eventually i got into a good routine that included sariel dealing with the alarm clock and waking me up really early to temp and then going back to sleep....keep at it, hopefully it'll go more smoothly! also i used fertlityfriend.com and it was great for helping to keep track of everything...

okay, this is NOT my blog!

sariel & shlomit said...

ahhh...one more thing...i watched a bit on fertility, etc. on that cbc program 'sunday' last sunday eve and they had 'my' fertility clinic on it!!! dr librach is the head of the clinic (and the only man and that's who they featured...nice)...anyway, see if you can tape it!