Saturday, October 07, 2006


This afternoon I am to attend a bridal shower for the future daughter-in-law of a friend of my mother. It will be a livingroom full of women in their 50s giggling with the poor bride about condoms and the like (nothing more embarassing, in my opinion!) Aside from me and the bride-to-be, there will two other young women there... with their children aged 3 months and 16 months. How very fortunate for me.
(A digression: the infant is the daughter of a guy I dated when I was 19. This guy dumped me when I wouldn't sleep with him. He is the nephew of the woman giving the shower, and there will be no avoiding seeing him. I add him to the list of people who I hate for having children before me.)
Bridal Showers are the precursors to weddings, which I have not been so happy with these days. The Anonymous Infertile wrote about why wedding make her sad, I couldn't agree with her more. (She wrote about it much more eloquently that I am about to...) Although my wedding was my personal fairytale day, I can't help thinking that my story isn't following the path to the happy ending. And I feel envious of the hope that the married couple-to-be has that everything their future is full of roses and rainbows. Selfish, I know.


Wednesday is our urologist appointment, and Thursday is the RE. I am compiling a list of questions to ask each specialist (which I will try to get down here over the weekend...) I am looking to you guys for support here. What questions do you think I should be asking (this especially for the urologist, as I have no experience with this one!)? I would so appreciate your input, and thanks in advance...


Jennie said...

I only have a minute, but I just wanted to say that I hope that guy that will be at the shower (the ex) - I hope his kid is a little monster, and acts like a horrible brat! That would be nice.

Mary Ellen and Steve said...

Ugh. That sounds like torture. I avoid events like that like the plague. I usually feel an upset stomach or the flu coming on about 3-4 hours before I am supposed to be there. If not I try to at least have a few drinks beforehand.

Hang in there. I hope that today is better than you anticipate. Big hug for good luck.

My Reality said...

I hope you survive the shower ok this afternoon.

As for the urologist, some of the things they were looking at with my husband were varicoceles and horomonal imbalances.

Some of the hormonal tests were:

-testosterone levels
-testosterone/estrogen ratio (this was explained kind of like a male version of PCOS)

There were a couple of others that can show testicular failure, but I can't remember what they were.

We ended up with no reason for the low sperm count/mobility/motility. It just is. Had my hubby had some kind of hormonal imbalance, they often use clomid to help balance things out and increase sperm production.

Hope some of that helps.

sariel & shlomit said...

i feel for you. i agree with jennie...that'd be sweet! even if only for a moment....

as for the urologist...i'm sorry to say i have NO IDEA other than to say -- DO NOT LEAVE UNTIL YOU HAVE ALL OF YOUR QUESTIONS ANSWERED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

good luck,'re getting there...all will soon be made clear!
love ya!

TeamWinks said...

I'm going to my cousin's wedding tomorrow at 4 pm. Yeah. I understand what you mean about weddings. Trust me, I get it.

Nico said...

I always love the pregnancy annoucement just a few months after the wedding. Ugh indeed.