Monday, September 18, 2006


Thanks all for the anniversary wishes. Mel inquired about the celebration, and so I will share.
Our anniversary evening was pretty uneventful. We went to my parents and had sushi and lots of wine, and then came home and fell asleep. This was fine with me because while we were in London we treated ourselves to an awesome night on the town and justified it by saying it would be our anniversary celebration. Allow me to tell you about that.
Our evening started with theatre tickets. I am a musical theatre fanatic, something I inherited from my dad who loves to sing show tunes. All my life I have been dying to see Guys and Dolls, the show my dad says is one of the best "oldies". The C splurged to 8th row tickets to the show, and I was thrilled! I didn't even think we would be able to get seats, because Patrick Swayze was starring! Patrick Swayze! Live! Like 8 rows from me! At various intervals The C inquired whether the price was worth it. Oh yes it was! What an indulgence. On top of it all, The C presented me with chocolate ice cream during intermission. A real treat! I love that you can purchase this fine dessert in a cup at West End theatres.
Basking in the afterglow of the show, we decided to check out a restaurant in St Martins Lane that we had heard about.
We strutted into St Martins Lane Hotel, and strode over to Asia de Cuba. This place is so ultra chic and hip it was a little daunting being there (being that we are neither chic nor hip.) I enjoy outstanding design and formidable food, and the restaurant and hotel were the most exquisite marriage of the two. The C and I are shameless design and food snobs, and our choice of post-theatre dining did not disappoint. While this is by far the most expensive meal I have ever eaten, I have to tell you that it was worth every hard earned British Pound. People, if I were a religious girl, this is what worship would be.
Drunk, stuffed and wowed to the nth degree, we staggered back to our (much less cool) hotel and partook in some HOT sex. I will not go into further details.
Two weeks early, but Happy Anniversary indeed.


Tomorrow The C is off for semen analysis numero deux. (You see, I'm from Montreal, I speak French!) I booked an appointment at one of the clinics (not the clinic that we are waiting for our October 26th apointment at. They don't do lab work unless you are a patient.) I am excited about going to this place for a number of reasons. The first one is the facilities. Before even booking I was very forward in inquiring about the place that The C would have to work in. I explained the last time, and how anything near that would be unacceptable. I was assured it was like being at home. Second is that this is in a real live fertility place. It will be the first time that I am stepping into such a venue. I am looking forward to seeing what it is like, and looking into booking an appointment (something tell me they give out appointments with more fervor than the joint we have been waiting 7 months for) if by chance we will want a second opinion.
What I am indeed NOT looking forward to is the price. This expedition will cost three times (yes THREE TIMES) what it cost to analyse at the lab. Hopefully our insurance will cover it, and if not, that it is worth the hefty price tag.
Wish us luck, and stay tuned for the story which will surely ensue.


Hmm... I had a stird bit of stuff to report, but it seems to have escaped my mind. No matter, I have to change from my stinky gym clothes as I have a client who will ring the bell momentarily. If said item pops back into my head (and is of any importance whatsoever) I will be certain to ammend this post.


Oh ya! Are there any other Montrealers out there? I'm just wondering...


Jennie said...

Wow that night sounds great! What a great way to celebrate your anniversary. Glad you enjoyed it.

And sorry I'm from Michigan, not a Montrealer.

My Reality said...

Your night sounds like it was perfect. There was a time when I would have paid anything to see Patrick Swayze in person (in my younger years, Dirty Dancing era!)

We haven't had to pay for any of the SA's. I guess they were covered by OHIP.

TeamWinks said...

Your celebration sounds simply divine! You lucky lucky woman!

Hmmm...nope not a Montrealer either. However, if you are ever planning a trip to Northern Alabam, feel free to stop on over!

Nico said...

That sounds like an absolutely perfect anniversary celebration :-)

I hope the SA goes well, and is worth it!

julez said...

hey:) another montrealer lurking here. just interested in your experiences, especially with the local clinics. I'm not going through treatments, but would need to, since my partner has been snipped.

thanks for being so candid:)