Friday, February 23, 2007


First order of business: Mazel Tov to Beth and Himself on the birth of Leah Catherine. If you don't want to cry, then I warn you: do not click.

Today marks 8DPO.

Other than the sore boobs (on which we have a concensous that their cause is ovulation) I have nothing in the vicinity of symptoms to report. Oh, andI'm exhausted (but let's attribute that to not sleeping!)

Un-e-vent-ful. Yes siree bob.

I wish this cycle would hurry up and end so that I can start my BCPs and prepare for the next one. Yes. I am completely positive that this time is a no-go. I'm not being a pessimist-just a realist. There is no way anything would want to grow in me with the mood I have been in and behaviour I have exhibited over the past week and a half. It's ok, I understand. So let's just hurry up and get on with it, already.

In other news there is no other news. It's Friday and I have yet to have a baby-related encounter, so it seems that I have broken that spell. Phew!! Though I have to say that the baby-related project that I am working on for last weeks's client is cuter than cute. One day I hope to make something like it for my newborn. One day... One day...

Tonight my neices (ages 8 and 10) are coming to sleep over and hang out all day tomorrow. I'm excited- they are so delicious, and will be a fun distraction. I love playing games with them, and they love to tell jokes and make up riddles. They always keep me laughing. I'm glad they're "old"; They were born at a time when the idea of children used to make The C and I laugh so hard that beer came out our noses.

Hey! I don't want to be a downer so I'm trying to think of things to post about while I wait out the rest of this 2ww. I'm taking suggestions for posts. I never did the weird thing about me tag-anyone interested in hearing about that? Or Mel's 2007 tag- something that I promised I would do in my previous 2ww. Which was in December! Wow! I can't believe it's almost March- where does the time go? That was rhetorical-you don't have to answer that. What you are assigned to do is propose some topics of blogging to me. So get on it!

(End of February, eh? buh-bye 2007 baby hopes.)


Heather said...

Oh yes, always up for hearing about weird things.

Of course there is the 100 list you could do if you havent.

Recipes are always fun.

Funny stories.

How about the riddles you make up this weekend with your neices.

The Town Criers said...

Embarrassing middle school stories as well as worst hairstyles over the years.

Best dates.

Walk around the city for the day writing down snippets of overheard conversation and construct them into a one-act play :-)

Become a meme-whore and do every one floating around the blogosphere and then make up three new ones each day!

My Reality said...

I hope the next half goes by quick!

Maybe you could do a question and answer thing. We ask you questions and you answer them. That at the very least would be fun for us. It may not be so fun for you, but does that really matter?

sariel & shlomit said...

oy. that did make me cry. and so does the fact that you aren't preggo yet. i'm not sure why you think this cycle is a bust but i hope you won't mind if i hold out a little hope still for you.

have fun with your adorable and fun nieces...they are so lucky to have you as their aunt!


decemberbaby said...

You know, you can still have a 2007 baby if you end up with twins on your next cycle - twins usually arrive early.

I'm not helping, am I? Sorry 'bout that. Just thinking out loud.

I'm holding out hope for you. In the meantime, how about some easy and tasty recipes? I need inspiration.

TeamWinks said...

Always happy to hear this one time stories...anything embarassing (we all have those) you met the hubby for those of us who don't know...favorite childhood and worst vacation stories...ahhh..the 100 list is always fun (that will keep you busy) the town criers eavesdropping idea...what your life would be like if you could have it your own way (think rock star big)...a letter to your body (theraputic)...create seventeen ways to embarrass people or how to have fun in (that should be funny)...hmmmmm....well, that should cover a few days!