Thursday, November 01, 2007


I was going to post about how calm I was feeling. I was also going to post aboout having my first meeting with my doula, and how great that was, and how thrilled I am that I have her as support.

But then yesterday morning I started having cramping pains on my left side while sitting at the computer. I figured I wasn't in a good position, so I went to relax in a comfy chair and watch some tv. (Thank goodness I work at home!) It just got worse, and I started to panic so I called my mother and my husband (recap: my husband works with my parents), and they told me to lie down. After a while of lying down I felt better, so I got up and went about some normal activities at home. About an hour and a half later it was back worse than before. Lying down didn't help.

I decided, finally, that I should call my doctor. Of course her office was closed, but her message said to call the birthing centre if you were pregnant and had and emergency. I still was waffling on whether or not this was an emergency, but the pain was worsening, and I could barely breathe. So I decided to call. The nurse was calm and patient, and told me that I sounded bad, and she would not know what was wrong unless I came in.

So my husband rushed home to take me to the hospital. I could barely stand up by the time we got to the nurse's station I could barely stand. They got me to a room, I changed, and they didn't waste any time. First thing they did was look for the baby's heartbeat. It was instantly there, and we were so relieved. But I was still in pain. Over the next little while the pain lessened, and the staff and doctors (it's a teaching hospital so there are tons of people around) could barely believe that I was the same person who walked in. It almost seemed ridiculous that I was there, but they were running tests and needed me to stay.

Soon the pain started coming back, and I was practically screaming in agony. Several nurses tried to put in an IV with no luck, which added to my pain. The doctor strongly recommended a shot of morphine, and I went with it because oh my god the pain had to stop.

And it did. And so far thankfully it hasn't come back (it's 24 hours later.)

After 2 ultrasounds, countless blood tests and urine tests, 4 botched IV attempts (the 5th went in but caused lots of pain and discomfort the whole time I had it in), they still don't know for certain what caused the pain. They surmise it was my ovary twisting, and then untwisting by itself (which is why they didn't see anything on the scans that they did). I stayed the night (my first ever in the hospital), and the discharged me. They let me know that perhaps I might have a UTI, but I think not. It was also the diagnosis that they gave to the two other women that came in in the evening (they were sent home, so I was alone in the room for the night.)

I am home and feeling ok. At least I learned a few things from this experience:

1- The labour and delivery area is quite pleasant, and the nurses are amazing.
2- If at all possible I would like to avaoid having an IV put in when I'm giving birth
3- The pain I had was pretty intense. If labour is like that then I'm gonna be alright. If it's worse, man I don't even want to think about that!!

Happy 20 weeks to me and my baby. I hope the next 20 are much less eventful.


decemberbaby said...

Oh man, adventures like that we really don't need. I'm glad you're feeling better now.

Happy 20 weeks - you're halfway there!

My Reality said...

Damn, Ms. C. I am sure it would have been terrifying. I am glad you and the baby are doing ok now. No more excitement for another 20 weeks, ok?

sky girl said...

Yikes! Scary stuff Ms. C.

No more episodes like this kay?

Aurelia said...

This doesn't sound like labour. Really, labour isn't sharp pain, so you might find it easier!

But it could well be a UTI, or it could be gas, intestinal, or something they will figure out soon enough when the labs come back.

As for that IV---that sounds like a lousy tech. I'll be the next one is much much easier.

Geohde said...

Ouch, that sounds nasty.

I hope they cleared up the 'might' have a UTI. It's kinda important since, well, the odds of pyelonephritis in pregnancy are quite high. That's bad.

Anyway i'm relieved to hear that you're feeling better and happy 20/40 to you,



Natalie said...

Ouch! I'm sorry you had such a scary, painful time. :( And I really hate IVs as well...

Somewhat Ordinary said...

Wow, I'm sorry to hear this! Did they give any explanations for why an ovary would twist? Here's hoping to an uneventful next 20 weeks!

Ann said...

UTI? Doesn't sound like it--since I had my own middle-of-the-night UTI a couple of weeks ago. No, that particular kind of pain is the type that makes you not want to go to the bathroom, but at the same time desperately need to go. Then you lay back down shivering, waiting for 5 or 10 minutes until you have to go again. Sounds like your pain was different.

I'm so sorry you had to go through this. Why can't we just have uneventful pregnancies? At this moment, I'm sitting here waiting for my OB appt., at which she's going to confirm if I do indeed have low amniotic fluid, which could mean a risk of stillbirth, birth defects, you name it.

This just sucks, doesn't it?

Waiting Amy said...

Oh that sounded terrible! Glad things are better and happy 20 wks!

But do reconsider the IV for delivery. You won't want to take the pitocin for post-deliver intramuscularly (it a big volume). Plus the IV fluids can really help. Trust me -- I asked for a heparin lock so I could walk without the pole. Then they forgot to hook me up later. I was pretty dehydrated by the time I need to push and I think it definitely did not help!

Hang in there, you'll make it through labor Mrs. C!

Samantha said...

Sorry about the drama. There's already more than enough of that going around. You should be past it all!

mary ellen said...

That must have been scary! Happy 20 weeks though!

CAM said...

Wow - scary stuff. At least they checked the baby and the heart is still going strong. Take time to relax!

TeamWinks said...

Craziness! Glad that story had a happy ending. It sounded terrifying!

es said...

I was also diagnosed with a UTI when I went into the hospital with contractions- turned out I didn't have one. Guess they like to just assume that you have one.

I am so sorry that you had to go through that- I hope the rest of your pregnancy is pain-free.