Monday, November 05, 2007


1- Please go over and support Ann, who is having to make some really hard decisions. No one should have to go through what she and M are faced with. Especially since they worked so hard to get there... It just makes me cry with unfairness even tinking about it.

2- Give give Mel at Stirrup Queens a read, and then go vote for her: she's a 2007 Weblog Awards Finalist in the Medical/Health Issues category. It's just a few very easy clicks. Her blog is the mother of all IF blogs. vote her and vote for IF awareness.

Sometime soon: I will be here to discuss that maybe, just maybe there is joy in pregnancy.


JewishMama said...

Hey, Miss C. How are you feeling? Here's hoping you had a quiet, uneventful weekend!

Geohde said...

Done and done.

I already visit Ann's blog, and I was horrified that the awful thing that I had to deal with six months ago has struck another.

Beyond unfair.




Anns said...

Thank you for sharing Ann's story - it definitely helped me realize that perhaps things aren't so terrible in my life right now.

Thanks for bringing me some perspective.

Anonymous said...

Haven't had an update on you in a while! How is everything?