Monday, October 15, 2007


Or: Things of no note whatsoever

It is safe to say that the following are currently not occurring:

-Any sort of visible baby belly, though when I lie flat on my back I can certainly feel something hard going on. It just seems that there is too much "padding" covering any would-be bump.

- Weight gain of any amount. As a matter of fact I have lost weight for the first time in two years since starting down the slippery slope of IF treatments. I have read that for someone of my, er, size, it is best to gain less than 15 pounds during pregnancy, and ideally no weight at all, though I fail to see how that can be possible. Therefore there has been no shopping of maternity wear. My current wardrobe may take me well into February at this rate.

-Movement of said baby that is supposed to be within said non-expanding stomach. (Though to be truthful, I thought I might have felt something while watching All Across the Universe the other night. And then maybe something the following day. And then yesterday I had too much gas, so I wasn't even going to try to distinguish between what may be movement, and what was definite stomach/intestine happenings. You're welcome for that image.) (Oh, and go see the movie, it was wonderful.)

-Sleep of any notable duration. I have to pee too often during the night. And last night I felt very uncomfortable. Even though, as mentioned, there is no belly to speak of, I felt really heavy. And so I find myself exhausted throughout the day.

-Nausea of any sort. Thank the lord that has passed (as mild as it was.) I still have major food aversions, as well as cravings for foods I previously have been less than enamoured by. I know this is normal, but still so weird.

Now, it is also safe to say that the following non-pregnancy-related things are occurred or are occurring this morning:

-Commencement on the demolition of my basement. Which will lead to the remodel of it. (Which is actually pregnancy related, because as gross as the basement was when we moved into our house three years ago we said we would wait to make it into the perfect playroom when the time came. Alas, the time is here.)

-The stealing of the licence plate off of my car parked in my driveway. Yes you read that right. Actually, the car is registered to my mother, and so I was up and at the police station reporting this "crime" at the crack of dawn. My mother is very concerned that the plate is going to be used in some criminal act and that she will get hauled off to jail. Later I have to go get a new plate (cuz right now I'm too busy blogging.)

-Drew Carey is making his debut on the Price is Right today. Are we all not whooping with excitement? Really I am! I can't wait to see the great sets that have been made for this new era in game shows!

Ok, I warned you these were items of minor note. Now back to your days.


Lut C. said...

It took forever for me to look pregnant, also due to padding. It became rather funny after a while.

Are you familiar with Oro's blog? She's pretty vocal on all things weight related, and is currently expecting after ART.

Movement, I wasn't sure about feeling movement until rather late, week 22 I believe.

Good to hear you're not suffering from nausea too much anymore.

sky girl said...

It took me forever too. And I wanted that bump so freaking bad. In fact, I remember making Frenchie take a pic of me just after Christmas (I got pregnant in July)'cause it was the first time I looked pregnant and it still wasn't conspicuous. But by the end of January it was unmistakable. So hang in there.

Also, I took profile shots and I wasn't very faithful to it in the beginning. I took one at 12 weeks and the one at 19 weeks and although I didn't think that I had changed at all, I really had. I almost fell out of my chair when I compared the 2.

I felt movement at 19 weeks.

Please don't worry about the weight. I technically shouldn't have gained much weight either but still gained about 36 lbs. It came off pretty quickly (although I'm suffering from post pregnancy weight gain now).

Somewhat Ordinary said...

Don't worry I'm not feeling much in the way of movement either. I've felt a bunch of things that might be the baby, but no aha moment yet!

Thalia said...

I didn't feel the baby move til 20 weeks, so don't hold your breath on that one. It's wonderful when it does happen, though!

Glad things are a bit boring right now - much better than drama.

orodemniades said...

Yeah, what is it with the gas?? And the peeing, oy, the peeing...I highly recommend starting your kegels now, it seems to sorta help...or maybe that's all just in my imagination.

As for weight loss, on the mailing list I'm on (
many of the ladies there not only aren't gaining weight, but some have lost or continue to lose weight even though they're eating their regular diets. Apparently being big and either not gaining, or losing weight, is not uncommon!

Hokay, I'm off to read (but not in a stalker-y way)(heh)

Ann said...

You know, it's interesting hearing about the different levels of "showing." My SIL is about a week ahead of us, has significant "padding," and still looks like she's about 6 months pregnant. But, it's her second, and I've heard that can make all the difference.

We all find different things to be alarmed about. I'm mildly concerned that I'm gaining weight TOO quickly, and that I'll be one of those women who gains about 60 pounds in pregnancy. Eek!

I know it's hard, but you should relish the whole not-looking-preggo thing as long as possible. In no time you'll be sick of it! And yay for peeing lots in the middle of the night! Loads of fun!

My Reality said...

OMG - Drew Carey on the Price is Right? You will have to let me know how that goes, because I never watch it. You crack me up!

Oh, and I have seen pictures of you - full body shots and you aren't nearly as big as you seem to think you are. Just an observation on my part. :)

Geohde said...

I've had my plates stolen and used to pinch petrol. It annoying to have the fuzz turn up at your place of work accusing you of a drive off, believe me.



decemberbaby said...

I've been through the stolen plates thing. What a pain in the ass!

As for feeling movement, I went through about a week of wondering "was that something?" before I felt really certain.

And the weight gain/loss thing... way to go! We can eat our hearts out and not gain like crazy!

Nearlydawn said...

I'm there with you on the "padding" thing. I just hit 19 wks and I'm really only starting to show. The bump popped up about a week ago, and all of the sudden I tell you!

I'm one of those that lost weight. I just keep hoping it will stay off. I don't want to add anymore weight to my frame than I have to.

I felt the baby a little bit a while back, but it has been kinda quite in there. If it wasn't for the bump and the OB appts I wouldn't know I was even PG right now.

sariel & shlomit said...

i'm loving these things of minor note (though to be honest, a little drop of jealousy that i am not in the boat with you!)...
what i really want to know is: what are the aversions and cravings you're having?!?!?!?!


sariel & shlomit said...

i'm loving these things of minor note (though to be honest, a little drop of jealousy that i am not in the boat with you!)...
what i really want to know is: what are the aversions and cravings you're having?!?!?!?!


sky girl said...

Hey! I can't find your email either!

username: shespeaks
password: thanksgiving

It was around halloween last year. I'm sorry you're dealing with that. If you want to talk at all my email is