Wednesday, January 31, 2007


Yes, my period. (How's that for a mental image... Ok, moving along.)

Finally, FINALLY today is CD2. As much as I hate my period, I think that I have never been so thrilled to have it show up. Someone asked for a cycle update a few weeks back, and, by george, it's about time I gave it to you.

Let's start with a short recap: my last cycle of Fem.ara/Injectibles (but with s.e.x) ended in failure on December 24. My clinic was closed until January 9, at which point I called and was dealt a 2 week prescription of BCP. I injested my birth control (this notion still freaks me out) for two weeks and then waited out the week for my period to arrive. Et voila. She is here. Tomorrow I go in for my CD3 wanding, and (I hope) a meeting with The World's Best Doctor to strategize for this cycle. I am freakin' excited, scared as shit, and hoping beyond belief all at the same time.

And let me state here for the record: I will not tolerate any suggestion of natural baby making. I. WILL. NOT.

Lest you think that I have not been preoccupied with conception matters for the past 6 weeks, allow me to assure you that we have been busy checking out The C. He had a follow-up appointment with the urologist that included a testicular ultrasound. It was interesting to be in an u's room and to be the one wiht the pants on, let me tell you! Dr. C wanted to check for any abnormalities that could have resulted from The C's undescended testicles he had as a child. We were relieved to find everything to be completely normal. Normal is fantastic, but we are left with no explanation for his borderline sperm counts. (His hormone levels came back within normal ranges too.) Dr. C suggested The C try 25mg of Clo.mid for a few months. (That's half a pill a day.) He is to take it for 25 days, then rest for 5 days, and then continue again. Of course if I get pregnant, he doesn't have to continue.

Now I welcome you to the question segment of this post.
Have any of you/your husbands ever taken Clo.mid?
Have you seen a difference in sperm production?
Have you seen any side effects?
Is this a run of the mill treatment?
Have any of you chosen to not take the Clo.mid once it was presribed?

I haven't read anything on anyone's blog about this, so I'm really wondering. Also Dr. Google is being very stingy with his information. Of course there is tons out there for women on Clo.mid, but not so much for men. Finally, if any of you are concerned about The C turning into an evil Clo.mid bitch like we women tend to, don't fret... that hasn't happened yet!


I just want to take this opportunity to send all of you who commented on my last post tons and tons of hugs and support. Your comments meant so much to me. I loved having this forum where everyone was able to share. It made me feel so much more normal. I am in such good hands here. You guys truly rock. And those of you who stopped in to just lend an empathetic ear, thank you for being here.

I know you're dying for a zit update. It is in the healing stages, just a bit of a dark pink mark left on my face. I find when my period comes my face clears up, so today I have no pussy or crusty zits, just spots that are healing. It is a relief to not have any sports that hurt on my face.

Also, you were all so frank when talking about your PCOS symptoms, that I thought I would share a bit more. My last post really turned into a rant about my face, and lest you think my symptoms end there, allow me to correct you. In addition to my acne and stubborn chin hair, and of course my annovulatory cycles my symptoms are as follows: overweight (though I can't contribute that wholly to PCOS, I must take responsibility for the amount of food I put into my digestive tract), thinning hair on my head (thank goodness I had the thickest hair known to man while growing up, for now my hair appears as normal, though the future scares me), skin tags (which I always thought I had inherited from my grandmother), dark arm hair (I have more than my husband), and a patch of hair on the small of my back. I know: an attractive picture. But that's me.


margo said...

It's great news that you are cycling again. I hope your baseline goes well. No advice on the clomid for men thing. My hubby's counts were so low they just suggested ICSI. I feel like someone has posted about this before, but I can't remember who... Sorry I am not much help. I hope that this cycle goes well, and it ends with wonderful news.

My Reality said...

I found a bunch of info on clomid for men on iVillage, but I think the male infertility board has been taken down. It was suggested for my husband, but the urologist didn't think it would do much good. It works the same way in men as it does women - by increasing FSH levels. I recall reading it could cause some moodiness but the side effects were nowhere close to what they did to females.

I am wishing you much luck with this cycle. S.e.x is so overrated anyway! ;)

sariel & shlomit said...

once again, wish i could speak from experience on the male/clomid front, but nada...though i too remember reading about it on somebody's blog...

now i want to comment on this line, my dear - and i quote: "today I have no pussy". That is NOT GOOD!!!!! How did that happen?! I'm no RE but that may be part of the problem!!!

Okay, okay....that was just a lighthearted moment brought to you by a fellow blogger who really knows you! back to the serious stuff:

happy to hear you're cycling again and get to look forward to regular wandings...hope your doc can talk! looking forward to hearing your new strategy!!!


Dianne/Flutter said...

I tried and tried to comment on your PCOS post. It f*ck'n s*cks!

Regarding men on Clomid, I think this is common. But, I can't remember from where. Wish your husband luck.

And, much luck with your next cycle.

Anonymous said...

I may have missed something you posted previously, but if you have PCOS, shouldn't you be on Metformin, rather than Clomid?

ms. c said...

Hi to anonymous...
Just to clarify... it's my husband who is taking the Clo.mid, not me. I did my duty with that drug, and I am so through with it.
Also, yes, I certainly take my Met thrice daily (and have the poop to prove it!), though as I understand, Met is not something that is effective for all women with PCOS.
(Funny commenting on my own post, but I wanted to make everything clear!)

Watson said...

I must admit, the evil part of me snickered a little reading your post, only because it made me recall sending BeBop for a testy U/S when he *probably* didn't need one, just because I thought:

The dr. said it might shed some light on something and HELL, I go through this crap day in and day out for years, you can sure as hell get your balls looked at, Buddy!

I know, pure evil.

I don't know anything about the clomid for men, but since half this IF treatment is a crapshoot anyway, who knows?

I hope this cycle goes better for you :-)

sharah said...

Ms. C, just wanted to thank you for the comment you left on the new blog.

And good luck with the next cycle!

Baby Blues said...

Dr. N mentioned some doctors prescribe it to male patients. When it comes to male factors, it's uncharted territories. It's all theories but not enough evidence-based results. But there's no harm in trying it. We'll try anything. We switched to boxers, and even tried placing an ice bag. But we're dealing with morphology, count and everything else is fine. That's on top of my PCOS of course. A double whammy, aren't we just lucky. Try and look into Fertility Blend. We're both currently taking it.

Flygirl said...

I have symptoms of PCOS and still took Clomid along with Metformin after nothing but regulated cycles came out of the Met.

Anyway...I must be living under a rock because I had no idea men could take Clomid. I have to admit, I felt a little evil thrill when I pictured Frenchie with Clomid induced mood swings. :)

Shavonne Laubscher said...

Hey there all you lovely ladies dont ever think you ugly you not -i suffer from pcos -totally hate it to the max -have pimples now ,dandruffs back,oily hair but thinning too and oily skin and earwax alot-it all started when i went off the pill as I wanted to prepare for a baby....gosh -i guess its worth the sacrifice i have so much questions is it worth it to be off the pill and start in year or two -to fall pregnant -and what should i use for this dandruff irrattes me the worse -nipple hair ja that too i hate PCOS and in sa not alotta people know what it is unless -you or a family member has it -its so hard -but we must keep in the faith -i do ovulate every month -havent fallen pregnant tho im waiting till i finish college ..dno if waiting a good idea either -remember you all beautiful mwah mwah !!!!