Friday, November 17, 2006


Again, it has been an entire week since I've posted. It's not that I have nothing to write about. I am constantly thinking of things I want to say, discuss, get your opinions on. Here are somethings I contemplated:

Why is Met.formin reaking havoc on my system at 1500mg?

How can Kel stomach 2750mg of it a day?

Why I get upset that The C doesn't remember what point we are at in the cycle.

How come after taking my 14th (out of 14) BCP I spotted that day?

5 Things about me tag.

When am I going to get my period?

Is my cd3 scan going to coincide with Thanksgiving, when I promised to drive my grandmother to Vermont to see my cousins?

Why I freaked out when The C told me I put the cutting board in the wring place while chopping an onion last night.

When will I get pregnant?

How will I get pregnant?

What if I am a lousy mother? (and so on and so forth in a fun downward spiral)

You see, there are a whole host of things going on inside my head. All of them complaints. (Except the 5 things tag, but that has potential to be 5 complaints that I have.) I am feeling like crap. I want to (and have been) lying in bed watching tv for large chunks of the day. I torture myself by watching Baby Story and Bringing Home Baby on TLC. I cry during every show. These activites do not lend to getting much work done. (Thankfully, being self-employed and working at home, I have no one to answer to but myself. And myself isn't giving too much of a shit.)

I know I have to snap out of it. Complaining is so not cool.


Heather said...

It is self induced torture. I do it too. I go through phases where I HAVE to watch those shows and I just cry and cry. I don't want to see it, but I HAVE to watch. I don't understand it. If you have any clue why I do it, Love to hear it!

aah0424 said...

I started DVR'ing Bringing Home Baby and A Baby Story. Each week I go through and read the show descriptions and only keep the ones that say something that makes me think they struggled to get pregnant. Then I cry because of the struggle they went through, the struggle I'm going through and then there are tears of joy that they have overcome. I think a lot of us go through this same thing. Hang in there!

TeamWinks said...

Oh, we all participate in this activity. I truly believe it is cyclical. You are almost to the other side!

My Reality said...

I have learned to stay clear away from anything baby related on tv. It is too depressing to watch.

As for the spotting with the BCP, it might be break through bleeding.

And if it makes you feel better, complain away. I think we are both feeling the same way right now and misery loves company, right?

flygirl said...

Do yourself a favour and stop watching those damn TV shows. Block the channel you have to. It's only going to make you more depressed.

All I can suggest is to always take the metf. with food. After a while your body should get used to it but still always take with food.

We all gotta complain every once in a while. We'd go crazy otherwise.

Mary Ellen and Steve said...

Stay away from those shows. I used to torture myself with them too. It's not worth it though. Way to depressing!

Hang in there.

Carol said...

I torture myself with babystory too. glad I'm not the only one.

sariel & shlomit said...

thank G-d i don't have cable!!!!
girl, you go ahead and complain if you need to...we have all been there, will be there or are currently there and spend waaaaaayyyy too much time there...things will get better and you are on track...i wish you did not have to be on this shitty, rocky, fucking road...

Karaoke Diva said...

How are you taking the Met.formin? I was on 1500mg, taking 750mg twice a day. That KILLED my GI tract. I thought I was going to be fired because I spent more time on the toilet than at my desk. I should have just taken my laptop in there with me.
Recently, my doc moved me to 2000mg, taking 500mg four times a day. It's a pain in the keester to remember to take it that often, but the lower doses spread out throughout the day is so much gentler to my system. My bathroom schedule is normal now.

So if you're not already, you might want to ask about a lower dose taken more often, Also, I hear the extended release (XR) is gentler than the regular stuff. I've been taking Met.formin XR for almost 4 years now.