Friday, February 13, 2009


I love Shlomit, and I am still so so sad about her loss.
And I miss her terribly as a friend who lives close-by.

But that post sittling at the top of the blog made ever so sad everytime I came here.

I have a gazillion posts brewing, and hopefully I will get one published soon. Working at home and caring for this almost-toddler is really taking a toll on my blogging!

I just wanted to let you know that all is well here in our world. Sacha is wonderful, sweet, active and thriving. And I am still learning as we go.

Details coming soon.


sara said...

Thank you so much for the help with the baby food. Your reply really helps!

Rachel said...

I'm so glad to hear all is well with you.

Fertilized said...

"ALmost toddler". Time is flying

sariel & shlomit said...

Thanks. It was making me sad too. (Well, let's face it, I am sad much of the time). But I was ready to see something else on top, too.
Love you!