Tuesday, October 28, 2008


Not a date with poo. But an update of sorts on the poo-tuation.
Not an hour or so after I posted my previous post Sacha "did his business". Thank goodness. The next day I gave him some prunes to help him along. Again, poop.

But on Friday I was still concerned- he seemed gassy, hadn't pooped again (it was approaching 48 hours), and well, I was being neurotic. The doctor very nicely told me that I had nothing to worry about, Sacha seemed just fine, and even 3 days without a poop is fine. He said I should return to feeding solids to Sacha, that he should be getting 3 meals a day by now. He also told me that I could feed him prunes every day if I felt I needed to, but to back off if things seemed to be resolving.


So, I continued the prunes and increased his food intake. And the little pooper pooped again on Sunday and Monday. So far no poop today, but I am trying not to be concerned. I stopped the prunes because they seemed to be making the baby a gassy little fellow.

So now I wait for the poop, and I try not to freak out.

But, seeing as I'm here, let's take a moment to look at solids. I have to tell you: MAN, this kid LOVES to eat! (Though he comes by it honestly, for his mommy and papa love food too.) Sacha basically will eat anything. I have moved away from rice cereal, and now give him barley, which he seems to like more than rice. He loves chicken (I made it myself), and so far he goes crazy for peas. Green beans and carrots are ok too! In fruit we have tried pears and prunes- I'm trying to stay light on the fruit as to not introduce too many sweet flavours before we get through more veggies.

This week I am thinking of introducing more green veggies (maybe avocado or zucchini), and perhaps another meat. I bought a jar of "beef, carrots, potatoes and peas", but it the idea seems a bit eww to me (the jar was only 79 cents, I figured I would go for it seeing as I was in the store...).

Have any of you tried a jarred combo like this? If not, do you puree your own meat? And final question: how much do you feed your baby at each meal, and when do you feed him breastmilk/formula? (If your baby is 7 months, that would be really helpful, or if you remember what you did when your baby was 7 months...)

Thanks a million gals. You are really the finest of the fine.

Just for kicks, here is Sacha enjoying some green beans. A friend of mine told me that babies with food all over them gross her out and she doesn't see why people think it's fun that parents show them to other people. Do you agree or disagree?


MrsSpock said...

I have the book Super Baby Food by Ruth Yaron. My Pedi recommended it. It tells how much a child should be eating at each month of infancy and then as a toddler, and how to prepare your own foods as well. It focuses on a plant-based diet, but the new version includes a chapter on meat and cooking your own.

Fertilized said...

A blog i regularly read has twin boys. She just posted her feeding routine yesterday. You may be interested in it.


Good Luck to you

robin said...

Glad to hear the little pooper is back on track. (^_^)

I wish Auden was such a champion eater! I have to distract him with a myriad toys and then sneak the food in when he opens his mouth. So far he's only really seemed interested in pears.

I think we're maybe a little behind the curve for 7 months, but I'm not sure how to get him to eat more... he only eats about ten spoon-fulls before he decides he's more interested in mashing it around with his hands. So it sounds to me that you're doing great!

We're still breastfeeding as much as ever, but we've switched to feeding upon waking, rather than before sleeping. Then we try to tuck in some solids in the morning and evening, while J and I are eating.

LOVE pics of babies with food on their faces, but only since I have one of my own. Heh.

Aurelia said...

Umm, I always breastfed first, so they got that good stuff then did solids, because they really aren't high calorie until you get into meats and combos.

As to those, I never got the hang of pureeing meats, but I know lots of people do it. Just add some broth or water to make it moist, or use stew meat. (Just make sure you read the ingredients on those things or note what you put in, some have fillers like corn and wheat and if he hasn't tried those yet, you might get more gas.)

My Reality said...

He is adorable and squishable, food on his face or not!

Erin said...

At 7 months, babies should still be getting most of their calories from breastmilk, so I always nursed P before I would feed him solids. Then I just let him go to town. Food is more for fun and practice at this age than actually for nutrient value. Babies of that age really won't overeat, and when you're giving them fruits and veggies, it's not much of a concern anyway. I made all of P's baby food and froze it in ice-cube trays, and I think I was thawing one cube for a meal at that time.

The jarred combo you bought sounds like the beef stew I make--same ingredients, just probably blander (since I can't imagine they put red wine in baby food ;-) ). I did puree meats for P and mixed them with veggies that he'd already enjoyed, like chicken and peas or things like that.

Babies are adorable, and food on their face makes for good blackmail photos later on. Almost as good as bath pictures!

Somewhat Ordinary said...

Ok, I think we have the same friend out there. My friend was grossed out be a baby behind her at a restaurant because she said little babies were gross with all their spti up and food on their faces.

Baby M (7.5 months) eats a bottle every 4 hours - 7, 11,3, and 7. I give his solids between the bottles usually before a nap. He is eating 3 solid meals a day.

I am CLUELESS when it comes to how much to feed him. He LOVES to eat solids and at his learning center the "teachers" say he is their favorite to feed because he is the only one that doesn't refuse anything. The problem I have is that as long as you put the spoon in his face he will eat it so I don't know if I'm over feeding him. I guess I'm not, but he just eats and eats.

In the morning I make 3 baby spoonfulls of oatmeal with a half large jar of fruit. Lunch he usually has a full jar of veggies and at dinner he has a half jar veggies and a half jar fruit. He has had avacado (mashed at home), potatoes (mashed at homes), green beans, peas, a combo of the last 3, corn, sweet potatoes, squash, apples, pears, bananas, apples/blueberries, apples/bananas, berries/bananas, peaches, and apricots. He has also eaten smashed up chick peas as a trial finger food thing. We're on 2's now. I've been hesitant to try meats and I will likely just do some jarred meat because I barely have time to cook for us these days so Baby M mostly gets jarred now. I've really been wondering about the meat thing...

kbreints said...

oh he is a doll! It seems that he is getting enough food... I could eat those cheeks!

sariel & shlomit said...

PHEW!! I was checking for a poo update and here it is!!
Glad to hear how things are progressing in the pooping department.
And, of course, the EATING department (my favourite subject)!!
And as for pics of baby's with food all over their faces...anything goes when it comes to Sacha!!!! He is too yummy!!!

sariel & shlomit said...

ps...I wanted to say HOW MUCH he looks like the C...but then will the C think he's yummy?!?!?!?

areyoukiddingme said...

Somewhat late to the game, and I'm sure you have your feeding down by now, but my DD liked to eat her solids. We mostly gave her fruits and veggies for the first few months. The texture of the meat entrees can be difficult for them to adjust to, I think. Maybe around 8-9 months, I started giving her the mush meals, and she was fairly particular about them. She nursed the whole time but was weaning herself to about three times a day by 9 months. And those were short sessions, as she was busy doing other things. We compensated by mixing formula in with her cereal for an extra protein boost. Another suggestion - peaches worked almost as well as prunes on the poo front. And they smell much better.

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