Monday, June 23, 2008


So... As always, Mel over at Stirrup-Queens has come up with another fabulous idea. Go on... click over, but please come back... I need your help.

For those not wanting to click, in a nutshell, she writes:
The first days may have been the hardest days for the Grateful Dead, but the second year is certainly the hardest year for a blogger.

I am less than one week away from getting through the second year.

Therefore, I am marking the event, nodding towards the stamina and the
journey and the hard work by choosing a new secondary blogging name much in the same tradition as a trail name.

[...] If your blog is two years old or older; or when your blog turns two years old (perhaps, if you just crossed into your second year, this will be an impetus to keep writing for 11 more months), please add your blog to the registry I have started on my sidebar--the Blogging Name Project--and state the new secondary blogging name you have either chosen for yourself OR that you asked others to choose for you in a post you place close to the two year mark.

My 2 year blogaversary was June 12. I can hardly believe it’s been 2 years that I have been writing here. I also can’t believe that in that time I was able to conceive and give birth. I am truly blesses. Also, I realized, June 12 of last year marked the first day of my period of the cycle I conceived. Freaky? Yah.

I feel it is important to commorate this. As I roll into my third year of blogging I realize so much has changed around here. I think it would be so, umm, nifty to mark this transition by choosing a secondary blogging name. And that's where you guys come in.

Suggestions? How 'bout I help you help me. You've been reading for a while (some of you from the beginning: Erin, you commented on my very first post!), what words do you think fit me? You know, ones that will be great to mark the past and the future?

Let's come up with something good. Ok- go!


sky girl said...

I suck at coming up with cool, fun names. I've been blogging for 4 years now and can't even come up with a cool name for myself.

I'll give it some thought though and check back with what your other and much cleverer commenters come up with....

Erin said...

And as I comment on this one, 2+ years later, I am every bit as unoriginal as I've ever been. Take my blog. I'm Erin. I'm married to J. Our sons are P and K.

Not exactly astonishingly creative names.

But happy belated blogiversary!

Samantha said...

My favorite post of yours was Fuck You, PCOS, but maybe that's too vulgar to want to use as a anniversary name? :)

2 years is a long time blogging.

f2 said...

....thinking cap is ON!

f2 said...

how about:
"It's no longer about ME"

Based on a comment you made to me in the first few days of birth --- the realization that your life has changed, and now everything is about him and how much you took for granted before with all you could do for yourself.

But the title applies to the blog change as well, because now you no longer blog about your medical procedures and how you are doing, but also about him and his triumphs and problems. So the blog is no longer all about you but about baby too!

I'm going to go have some coffee, and keep brain storming!