Sunday, December 02, 2007


The first time I felt the baby move was at about 18 and a half weeks. While I was anxious to feel movement I didn't actually expect it to happen that early as I'm a woman with more than a bit of extra padding. But nonetheless, there I was sitting in the movie Across the Universe with my husband and part way though there was this feeling in my belly. I let out a small gasp in shock, and proceeded to try to expel a fart (nice image, but it's true!). When I couldn't I knew the feeling wasn't gas, and was most certainly my growing, moving baby. Miraculously I was able to wait to till the end of the movie to let my husband in on this special news.

(Let's just note that The Beatles are my fave. Really. I grew up listening to them, and their music makes me so happy. I love every song and have every album. In my mind, no music can even compare. So it's amazing to me that my baby gave me his first nudge while I was watching/listening to a movie set to Beatles tunes. This coincidence actually almost solidifies our lean to using a a name featured in a Beatles song. But I digress.)

After that first sign of movement I probably didn't feel anything for a few days. And then a few days after that. Progressively I felt him daily, and then sometimes even a few times a day. Each time brought a smile to my face. It was like my little secret.

It's true-explaining how the movement felt is very tricky. I couldn't seem to put it into words. It's like a little fish blowing bubbles in my belly. Like tiny little pops. Like the coloured stuff that moves around a lava lamp.

The first time I felt the baby move from the outside was a shock. I wasn't even trying to feel him. I was just lying and reading with my hand resting on my stomach. And then suddenly: blooop. I nearly jumped to the ceiling. Again it was a complete surprise because I didn't know that I would be able to feel the movement from the outside so soon. Couple that with my belly fat and I pretty much thought it would be somewhere near the end of the pregnancy!

The C was excited by this development, but sadly over the following days the baby did not want to cooperate with him. And then one night I grabbed his hand fast and smushed it against my belly. The baby moved and The C was so startled.

"OMG, you felt that!" I said.
"Oh come on, that was just you hiccuping!" he insisted.
"No really, that was the baby."
"I just felt our baby?!"
"Yes, that was him alright."

"Wow. This is so unbelievably real to me now. I can't believe this is inside you! It's really happening!!"

It is amazing that it took my husband more than 20 weeks to truly be able to feel that we are going to have a baby. Earlier on in the pregnancy when I wanted him to talk to my belly he obliged, but he thought I was nuts. Now he can feel what he talking to and he is so excited. I usually grab his hand when the baby gets active and let him enjoy the little kicks, punches and somersaults. While each time is thrilling, I have always had to alert him of an active time to come feel.

Last night in a mostly awake state I spooned my husband. (Spooning is pushing it a bit... I more or less put my belly to his back and threw my arm as far around his waist as it would go- thanks to the growing belly.) I was lying there trying to be comfortable and wish myself back to sleep as the baby twirled and whirled inside. And then BAM big kick. Right to my husband's back.

The C instantly flew around. "The baby just kicked me!" I was as stunned as he was! Though I felt the baby move, I had no idea that my sleeping husband would feel it. My husband thought that surely it was a special kick just for him. The baby surely wanted to let him know right then and there he was awake and kickin'. And The C was thrilled to be made aware.

Right then, in middle of the night, I realized that I have never loved 2 people more in my entire life.


Thalia said...

What a lovely lovely post. I'm so delighted for you (and you made me cry!).

sky girl said...

This brings back so many wonderful memories. I'm so thrilled for you.

Geohde said...


That is all just so sweet.


Samantha said...

Lovely Rita, Lucy in the Sky, Sgt. Pepper, or Rocky Raccoon? :)

That's a beautiful post.

Krista said...

Ahhh.. I loved feeling Boo kick and move inside me. It was my favorite part of being pregnant. Don't be surprised if when he comes, despite the fact you are absolutely gobsmacked by how much you love him, part of you misses being pregnant. I do.

decemberbaby said...

Beautiful post!

And lucky C... Lumpy is a prankster - likes to be all active and jumpy until Mr. December puts a hand on my belly and then... nothing.

Enjoy all the movement. It's a wonderful feeling.

Lut C. said...

We had a haptonomics lesson in my prenatal class, basically about how to interact with the unborn baby by touching your belly in the right places.

If you put your hand where the baby is kicking, you sooth him/her and often the baby stops. If you hold you hand on the opposite side, putting a very slight pressure on it's back, buttocks or head, the baby will try to move towards your hands! It's like giving a hug.
A great way to coax some movement out of your baby on a quiet day (I got reassurance this way a number of times!).

Somewhat Ordinary said...

What an absolutely beautiful post!

Mary Ellen and Steve said...

How wonderful. I am so excited for you!

lucky #2 said...

I absolutely loved feeling my daughter's movement while pregnant. Treasure each and every kick (even the night time ones!)

sariel & shlomit said...

okay. i am completely fahrklempt.
after everything you've been through, i'm kvelling reading this post.
i'm so fucking happy for all of you!!!

Dianne/Flutter said...

Beautiful, a truly beautiful. Thank you for sharing it.

sariel & shlomit said...

thinking of you always...

Karen said...

Even with triplets, I didn't ever expect to feel movement so early, particularly from the outside, given my, ahem, womanly curves. (though I'm glad I did, since my pregnancy wasn't particularly long...)

I'm so happy for you, even though I've been a bit absent lately.

sariel & shlomit said...

90 days to go?!?!?? holy shit!!!
ms. c-eleh...i'm so, so happy for you!!!
shabbat shalom

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