Monday, July 27, 2009

Oh! Thanks for validating me! Really, I'm only coming back to blog because I love the comments.

Ok- kidding.

Sort of.

Anyways, let's move on to the heart of the matter. The post part of the post, if you will.

Can we play catch-up? Let's! Why don't I first tell you about Sacha in all his almost-sixteen-months glory, and then I'll tell you about me.

All about Sacha in 7 points:

Sleeping: At 11 months or so we did some massive sleep training, which was not for the faint of heart. It has 6 days of hell, but pretty much since then Sacha has slept through the night. Though the guy likes to wake up early- 5 or 5:30 on a regular basis, and 4:30 if he wants us to have a specially good day. He still naps two times a day on good days. Morning naps are an hour and a half to two hours. Afternoon naps range from 20 minutes to an hour and a half (or... not at all). On the days when he doesn't fall asleep in the afternoon I contemplate cutting out the morning nap and re-adjusting his schedule. Maybe soon.

Eating: While Sacha used to eat everything under the sun, it seems that each day there is a food that he decides that he will no longer eat. The foods that he will eat are becoming more limited, and I am having to be more creative in order to get him to eat some veggies. I have made up my mind that once I plan my meal for him, that is what he is getting, and if he doesn't like it, and chooses not to eat most of it, he will just have to wait to until the next meal for food. (Of course i plan meals around what foods are in favour for the time being- I am not that cruel!) I have concluded that he definitely eats when he is hungry, and I am not in danger of having a malnourished or starving child.

Drinking: Can we say hallelujah? Sacha drinks all his milk from a cup, and we have cut out almost all breastfeeding. (There are about 2-3 times a weeks where he just pulls and pulls at my shirt and bra, and I don't have the heart to refuse him. Not that there is much left in the boobs...) The sippy cup was not a hit in our household, and what finally helped make the transition from breast to cup was a specific one with a straw from Playtex (the only one that he will use!) Liquids are still an issue, though, as Sacha drinks very little water, and is not too fond of juice either.

Personality: Sacha is a happy, smiley, giggly guy. Everything makes him laugh. Even when he falls, he laughs. He is easy going and adaptable (traits he certainly did not get from me!), and doesn't complain too much. He plays well on his own, and for extended periods of time, too. And he knows how to make a joke and poke fun- it's hilarious to see him try to communicate this way with us.

Development: Sacha has met his milestones pretty much on a textbook level. He took his first step about 2 weeks after his birthday. But, being the cautious guy that he is he wasn't anywhere near "walking" until 7 or 8 weeks later! While he babbles like a madman and is very expressive, he doesn't use any words yet. I know this is a bit late, but I'm trying not to worry. We speak 2 languages at home, and he is exposed to a third on a regular basis.

Sacha Loves: The park- the slides, swings and sand. Water- both baths and swimming. Giving hugs- to people and to stuffed animals. Riding in his stroller and observing the world. Coming to bed with Mommy and Papa in the morning and sitting on our faces. Unfortunately he also like to bite (but only the people that he loves)- I have tried many things but can't seem to curb the enthusiasm.

Sacha Hates: The grass, getting his hands dirty on the grass, having to walk on the grass. (Funny, he seems to have no problem falling face-first, mouth open into a filthy sandbox!) Umm... he is also not fond of being ignored when he wants to be picked up. (But what kid isn't?!)

Oy- this is longer than I intended! I think that I will post now, and save all the enthralling items about myself for the next post.

I do do do feel bad that my first post back to my IF blog has been all about my baby! It's a hard thing I tell you- I want to tell you all about Sacha, but having been there, in that deep childless despair, I don't feel quite right going on and on about my baby. Over a year later I am still struggling with where this blog would go (and that's pretty much primarily why I didn't post for so long...)

Hence- more about me next time. Promise!


Erin said...

Sacha sounds absolutely wonderful! I'm so glad to read more about him, and how much fun you are having with him at 16 months old.

And comments are key ;-)

serenity said...

Thing is. You're a MOM now. It's mothering after IF, but it makes sense that your blog would change, you know?

Sacha sounds fantastic. Wish we could get our two guys together to see them play. :)


Somewhat Ordinary said...

Yep, the blogs change, but there are so many of us navigating this mommy thing after IF and we love hearing how's others are trucking along! Sacha sounds like an awesome kid and I'm with serenity on the play thing. It would be so cool for all these IF toddlers to meet.

sk said...

I would hope that the transition in your blog would be inspirational. A happy ending/beginning. If people don't want to read they can move on to the next blog that suits their current needs and situation.

sounds like he totally gets his sleep patterns from you ha ha ha!!!

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Ann said...

Hey there--here's my belated "I'm still here" comment. I, too, have been drifting farther and farther away from the blogosphere, but I still check in from time to time. It's delightful to read all about Sasha! I hope all else is well with you guys.

Fertilized said...

i think hearing all about your wonderful child is fantastic. And I echo all the other comments. It's great to read about others and their parenting and the daily struggles and such. We need to be there for eachother just like we were when TTC ..because as you are fondly aware of parenthood is not for hte faint at heart and is a struggle daily over something.

Welcome back! Glad you are here

eda said...