Friday, March 27, 2009


Quick and dirty.

I have an old friend. We don't live in the same city any more, so we aren't as good friends as we used to be. She got married last year a week after Sacha was born, and with him being in the NICU and all, I just did not have the energy to make it.

Who sees where this is going?


She emailed (in a group email) this morning: she's pregnant.

But wait.

My friend, she has a blog. And so she blogs. About her thoughts and stuff and things. You know, like us. Except not about infertility.

Except ya.

She's been trying for 2 months.

And this month, when she supposedly got her period (but her temp remained high) she went on and on and on and on about how she's infertile. I mean, she has to be. She didn't get pregnant on her second month of trying, right?


I hate this about myself that I feel this way. There is not even one shred of me that is happy for her. It's all annoyance. And so: I'm a bitch. No?

It also marks my 6th friend who will have a baby in the 2nd half of this year. I was holding it together pretty well until now. This seems to be the last straw.


Somewhat Ordinary said...

I so, so, so know what you mean. I hate that there are ladies out there that still haven't had their turn to even have 1 yet. I hate that for most of us if we want another child we're going to have to go through so much. I hate that we are going to watch so many people go on to have their 1st, 2nd, 3rd etc. while we stew. I try not to think about it too much because, yeah, it makes me want to lose it too!

So, no you aren't a bitch! You've been through a lot. You've seen others go through a lot. To see someone have it easy throw out that word infertile like it was something simple to make light of sucks. You don't have to be happy for her...not one bit!

And, don't we have a special someone's birthday coming up?

Nic said...

Totally not a bitch. I had a friend who was crying at baby showers because she hadn't gotten pregnant yet. After THREE FUCKING MONTHS of trying. And three months after getting married. I couldn't even stand to be around her anymore. And of course, she was pregnant the next month while I was still waiting.

Happy birthday to Sacha!!!

Lut C. said...

Couldn't even bother to look up the proper definition of the word. It isn't hard.
Couldn't even bother to look up the statistics of conception?! 6 months TTC on average.

How aggravating.

Geohde said...

Yes, it never gets any less terminally ittirating, does it?

Group email, too....


My Reality said...

I hate group emails like that.

And I kinda hate the people that just get pregnant from SEX like right away. It just doesn't seem fair that they don't have to work for it.

Fertilized said...

Well I think everyone else said my thoughts exactly! It never does it easier - and group emails SUCK like that

MrsSpock said...

Oh wow, that pisses me off and I don't even know her.

f2 said...

you are not a bitch. okay, well maybe sometimes you can be a little bitchy, but definitely not A bitch ;)

going to read other blog now, apparently I have a lot to catch up on.

Happy bday.

twoweekwait said...

I HATE THAT. One of my friends got pregnant at three months of trying and during the two months she was not pregnant she was like, I HAVE A PROBLEM, AHHHH... and she actually claims when referring to this pregnancy as having "fertility issues"


I think it takes away from the true struggle so many of us go through to behave this way.

eda said...