Friday, September 19, 2008


I chose mine.

It was 15 days in Portugal with my son and my husband. At my in-laws' house. By the beach. Where the weather was near-perfect. And the flights were fine.

So that's why I haven't been around for the past couple of weeks. I did miss you all terribly, please know that!

There is so much I could tell you about, but I thought I would let you choose. Below are a list of titles for posts. You can vote and I will write about the one that wins. How about that?

Here we go:

Dear Mother-in-law: No, the baby isn't cold or hungry, but can I please have him as he has to nap

Traveling fun: crossing 5 time zones with a 5 month old

Yes, I know my baby is fat, and yes, I do only give him breastmilk

Apparently babies' digestive systems go wonky when they travel too!

Sacha! Now with a tooth (this time for real.)

Oh why won't this baby sleep through the night?

Dear everyone in Portugal: please stop clapping and whistling and doing things that you would generally do to a cat or dog in order to get my baby's attention

Four people taking care of the baby sure makes for a relaxing-ish vacation

OMG-90210! (self-holding statement.)

Ok- go to it! And I'll tally the votes. It's good to be back, but it'll take some time to catch up on everyone, so please cut me some slack.


MrsSpock said...

Since I will be taking a 5 month old on a 5 hour road trip in a month- I vote for traveling with a 5 month old across 5 time zones!

sky girl said...

Do I really have to choose?

I can't decide! I want to hear about everything.

Geohde said...

Dear everyone in portugal please!!


My Reality said...

I want it ALL. :)

Rachel said...

Please, please - 5 time zones with a 5 month old.

Fertilized said...

oh so much good content to chose from ... i would have to vote the 5 time zones or the teeth. i just crossed 1 and we are all jacked up

robin said...

I want them all, too! I swear we are leading parallel lives or something... except that I only crossed two time zones. And we have no tooth yet.

I vote for the mother-in-law. For the love of GAAAAHHHDD let the baby take a nap!

Sounds like a lovely vacation, though, can't wait to hear more.

sariel & shlomit said...

Er...ummm....yes to all except the know I don't watch tv....
missed you my friend...

Erin said...

I want all of them, but I think you should start with the one about 4 people taking care of the baby making a relaxing vacation--because I want to hear about the vacation fun so that I can live vicariously through you!

TeamWinks said...

All, yes, all of them! I'm with Sky!

serenity said...

:) All of them please...!

So I am just catching up and saw your comment on my blog. When I say "packet" of rice cereal, I mean a .5 oz individual packet (we use Ea.rth's which comes in packets as well as a box). Daycare has been mixing it with 2oz of milk.

Basically I go for consistency - I err on the side of a little more liquid for now, until I know that he's adjusted to solid foods.

But other than that? I have no idea. :)

Aurelia said...

Hallo! More posts please! And I'm glad you had a good time.

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