Sunday, August 17, 2008


I am so tired today I might just croak. And my husband looks like he's been run over by a truck. He took Sacha grocery shopping so that I could have a break, but I can't fall asleep. I keep thinking about what the little guy has been experiencing the past couple of days.

Let's explore:

Increaced poop (more than his 2 times a day): check!
Waking in the night and taking 1-2 hours to get back to sleep: check!
Not napping: check!
Lots of coughing: check!
Emitting funny gurgly sound while puring lips and sucking on the inside of his mouth: check!
Chapped upper lip: check!
Spitting up alot more than usual: check!
Not knowing what he wants: check!
Being quiet (whenn usually happy and laughing pretty much all.the.time): check!
DROOL KING: check!

Tip of tooth peeking out of gum on top left: check!

Who stole my baby and replaced him with this big boy??

UPDATE: Umm... I think that I lied. Today there seems to be no tooth! What on earth did I see yesterday? And: then what is up with Sacha??


TeamWinks said...

Tylenol and Motrin so that one or the other is dosed every four hours, Orajel, and Humphrey's teething tablets. Bada bing bada boom. That's what saved our lives when Lucky started teething at three months old. It's one hell of a time. Hang in there.

Fertilized said...

Teeth .. ALready .. Holy cow

I am so sorry Mom

Somewhat Ordinary said...

Oh my gosh, is this what I have to look forward to? I'm so sorry!!!!

Beth & Steven said...

fun times! my son also got his teeth really early, when he was four months old. he LOVED the store bought teethers, especially the cheap duckie teethers that gerber makes and sassy makes a good "bee" one. hang in there.... hope you can get some sleep tonight!

Caro said...

Already? I'm sure this is coming for us soon too.

serenity said...

Yay for Sacha! A tooth!

Allegedly the worst part is BEFORE it breaks through the gum. And from what I hear, Tylenol every 4 hours does help a little, since he probably can't take Motrin yet (he's not 6m yet right?).

Poor you. Poor husband. Poor Sacha. That is a big weekend, huh?

Hugs. I hope you can all get some sleep soon.

Krista said...

Urggg, teeth are exciting, once you recover from how very little sleep you get. Way to go Sacha!

Kate said...

Yep, I feel your pain!! BTW, my name in Facebook is Kate Thrift Sowa. Awesome!

ohn said...

All of my boys had teeth that played peekaboo with me. One day they were about to sprout and the next they were no where in site and I thought I had imagined it. Usually within 2 weeks tho the tooth had come through. All of mine also got "sick" when they were cutting teeth. The docs swear there is no connection but they are idiots :)

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