Saturday, July 19, 2008


He went down like this:
(I always put him this way, even though this photo is from another day.)
He woke up screeching a bit, but I let him be. He fell asleep again. He woke up again. I heard grunts a poops and hand sucking, but I didn't go into to him, I was letting him do his business in peace. Then there was quiet. I just peeked into the room to see how he was doing.

Breaking free of the swaddle, Sacha discovers that he can indeed roll over in his bed. He will, however, be requesting a wider crib for Chanukah this year.


Fertilized said...

We can't swaddle the hands .. He goes into screaming rages

WHat a big boy you have! Rolling over

decemberbaby said...

Wow. He's awesome.

sariel & shlomit said...

Sigh....totally cool! And CUTE!!!

Geohde said...


Mobility, eh? Now nothing is un-grabbable with the right motivation.


F2 said...

first step, rolling over. Next step, "mom can I borrow the keys to the car?"

sigh. they grow up so fast ;)

kbreints said...

Awe! I miss those triumphs... my boys re getting so big....

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